Many contractors struggle with developing effective strategies for their online marketing. After all, website development and advertising goes beyond what most contractors train for. Roofing, plumbing, HVAC, and other service industries stay relatively consistent over the years, but online marketing rapidly fluctuates every year. Yet there are a few standard facts that you may have picked up in your research into the digital landscape. “You need a website.” “You need a Facebook page.” “You need a working SEO and PPC strategy.” 

Instead of throwing some ideas together and hoping something sticks, what if you had an experienced and industry-savvy expert to guide you through the planning process? At the Contractor Webmasters, we do all the challenging research and testing for you to discover what works (and what doesn’t) in digital marketing. We’ll help you develop an SEO and PPC strategy that actually produces lead calls, not just clicks on your website.

An HVAC Company's Homepage

SEO and PPC Strategy Exists to Draw Customers to Your Company Website.

It’s Not Either / Or

Paid and organic search go hand-in-hand to produce maximum growth for your contracting business. It’s not an either/or situation. Organic search results are the product of search engine optimization (SEO), or orienting your website so that people can easily find your services on Google. Paid search results come through services like Google Adwords or Facebook Marketing.

Instead of tackling both at the same time, why don’t we start with the basics of each category?

SEO Preparations

Preparing for SEO (Organic Results)

Perhaps the most natural place to start is with the development of SEO strategy. At Contractor Webmasters, we begin by making a list of most popular services and organizing them into a handful of categories. Using this list, we set out to find related, high-volume keywords that capture the essence of each service. Ideally, we want to use the phrases that homeowners and commercial clients are most likely to think of as they begin their search.

Researching Keywords for SEO and PPC Strategy

Keyword Research Plays a Critical Role in Both SEO and PPC Strategy!

In addition to keyword optimization, SEO strategy heavily depends on content quality and elegant web design. While keywords allow potential customers to find your site, content and design determine whether or not they decide to call for service. That’s why our team custom-develops each client website and crafts keyword-rich, original content. We target the most pressing questions that homeowners have in order to promote deep engagement with potential customers.

The marriage of these three elements (keywords, content, and design) is what drives long-term results for SEO. They also make it easy to leap into PPC campaigns!

PPC Projects

Stepping into PPC (Paid Results)

That in-depth keyword research during the SEO strategy phase makes a clear path for PPC campaign development. When it comes to kicking off your paid search campaigns, our team at Contractor Webmasters takes services most important to your business and focuses on developing efficient campaigns for them. From there, we focus on localizing each keyword to fine-tune results to your particular service area.

Paid Search Results as Part of a SEO and PPC Strategy

Paid Search Listings Dominate the Top of the Search Engine Results Page.

This eliminates extra competition from contractors around the country, and it cuts out potential calls from people outside of your area of operations! Now your calls come almost exclusively from people in your service area. Sitting at the top of a Google search results page certainly offers exciting opportunity for your business! Your business also gets better control over what details your customer can see. Contact information, ratings, location, and even promotions.

Fine Tuning Your SEO and PPC Strategy

We’ve explained how to prepare both your SEO and PPC online marketing elements, so what comes next? Now we determine which activities produce the best results for your business. Keep in mind a couple of facts as we move forward.

  • SEO activities provide cost-effective, enduring results over time. They take time to mature.
  • PPC activities offer fast, controlled results for the short-term, but take continued investment.

That’s why many companies, especially those just beginning their online marketing experience, begin with some paid search campaigns as their SEO results gradually climb. Facebook marketing and Adwords offer lucrative opportunities with a fast return on investment. They allow businesses to bypass thousands of businesses and compete for keywords they couldn’t normally win in organic search.

Facebook Search Results

Social Media Marketing Offers Very Affordable Exposure for Your Company.

As your PPC activities draw in short-term business, your SEO results will also natural expand and generate additional leads. Our team at Contractor Webmasters also produces blog content to enhance your website’s authority in the eyes of Google and other popular search engines. It’s a beautiful moment when your long-term organic growth quickly catches up with your short-term paid results!

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