Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Call to Action Implementation

Content Marketing is About Generating Great Leads

Are you having trouble pulling contractor leads from online channels? There is simple reason for that, and it is content quality. Contractor Webmasters offers content marketing for lead generation. We produce exclusive leads through content marketing using a pay per lead model. That means you pay nothing for our content marketing services, but only for the leads they produce. We market content for contractors using the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Market Research
  2. Step 2: Landing Page Optimization
  3. Step 3: High Quality Content
  4. Step 4: Call to Action

Generating leads is about trust. The more the user trusts your website, the more likely they are to convert into a lead. As a PPL company, lead generation is our primary goal. We help you get the leads necessary to grow your contractor business at an affordable rate. We establish trust by presenting website visitors with high quality content and calls to action. Call 800-775-1250 for content marketing for contractor lead generation.

How Content Quality Affects Lead Quality

Discussing Landing Page Optimization

Great Content Marketing = High Quality Leads

How your content is marketed will ultimately determine the types of leads you receive. Generating traffic to your website is fairly straightforward, the hard part is attracting the right kind of traffic. By properly marketing your content, you will appeal to potential customers with high conversion potential. The quality and marketability of your content produces higher quality leads, in the following ways:

  • Buyer Intent: By marketing your content as a service to be invested in, users with buyer intent will follow
  • Exclusivity: With Contractor Webmasters content marketing, you acquire exclusive leads only
  • Location: By marketing within your service location, you will weed out non-practical inquiries
  • Relevance: The right content, marketed optimally, will attract the most relevant visitors

There is a direct correlation between the manner in which content is marketed, and the quality of leads for which they produce. Since contractor leads are the goal of all of our clients, we market content for each of them in order to achieve that goal. Not all leads hold equal value. And producing the top quality leads will get contractors reaping the rewards in a big way

Researching Your Market for Lead Generation

Content Marketing for Lead GenerationTo generate the highest quality leads, you must understand the people behind the metric. What is your potential customer most looking for? Research can be conducted using a variety of tools. Google Analytics can directly measure the behavior of website visitors. Google Trends can indicate pockets of growth for certain industries. Other research can be done by asking customers to fill out surveys after performing a service.

Once you have a reasonable amount of data available to you, you can begin to construct a plan to execute your marketing strategy. At Contractor Webmasters, we have years of experience and data to present the best possible content for lead generation. We are dedicated to providing contractors in every niche of the industry with the content they need to generate exclusive contractor leads. Call 800-775-1250 for content marketing for lead generation.