Carpet Cleaning PPC: 4 Tips for 2021

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PPC advertising can give a massive boost to your business – especially when you are first starting, and you are trying to gain some local brand recognition. If you own a carpet cleaning business, PPC can be your ticket to claiming your local market share. 

A lot of home service business owners go into PPC advertising half-cocked, though. The concept is indeed pretty simple: you pay a service to run your online ad on their network, and then you spend every time someone clicks on your ad.

Nothing to it, right? On the surface, yes, it is a simple process. But if you want to get the most value from your advertising investment, there are certain things you need to know. Firstly, a carpet cleaning PPC ad campaign can make your business hemorrhage money if not appropriately managed. 

Before your dive into carpet cleaning PPC, take some time to read the following tips. They will help you prepare for the challenges ahead and give you insight into how you can get the most from your advertising dollars. 

Tip #1 – Consider your Platform Carefully

If you are a small carpet cleaning business, you probably don’t have a limitless advertising budget. You will have to choose one or two platforms to advertise on in this case. Ideally, you’ll want to get to a point where you can advertise on all the platforms since they all have merit. For now, though, you will have to choose the platform you advertise on carefully. Take a look at the following breakdown of popular PPC ad platforms:

  • Google AdWords: Google is most likely where you will want to start. The Google Display Network (all of the other websites that display Google Ads apart from the Google site itself) is enormous – 2 million websites strong and growing. You will be able to cast an extensive net with your carpet cleaning PPC ads. The downside is that Google AdWords is very competitive. Everyone is bidding on it because it has the most extensive network. So you may have to make a hefty initial investment. 
  • Facebook: If you are going after the millennial money, Facebook is still a viable advertising option. Males between the ages of 25 and 34 make up the largest demographic group of Facebook users. You can target first-time homeowners who are likely to be interested in carpet cleaning services.
  • Instagram: Instagram is also a great platform to advertise on if you are targeting new homeowners. While the Instagram and Facebook marketing networks are closely related, Instagram PPC ads get a significantly higher engagement level with their audience. 

Tip #2 – Evolve your Keyword List

You probably already know how it works: you bid on keywords that will attract people who are already interested in carpet cleaning services like “carpet cleaner near me.” You might already target some of the keywords on your carpet cleaning website using SEO. It would be best if you didn’t rest on your laurels, though. 

It would help if you started with a decent list of keywords that you want to go after initially. The list should entail at least 10-15 keywords. As time goes on, though, don’t be afraid to test the waters with other keywords. You may find that less competitive keywords get you more impressions and clicks. 

Less competitive keywords will be more affordable as well. The point is you shouldn’t stick with a handful of PPC ad keywords. Eliminate low-performing ones and replace them with others; perhaps longtail keywords that include the state and city where you offer your services. Your carpet cleaning PPC ad keyword list should evolve with your company. 

Tip #3 – Invest in Quality Content

Your PPC ads will mean nothing if the landing pages behind them don’t convert. Before you spend on your carpet cleaning PPC ad campaign, be sure to create quality landing pages that will spur the visitor to click through and take action. 

A quality landing page will convey to the visitors that you offer a service that will solve a problem (or two) for them. It needs to pressure the pain point that a person who is interested in carpet cleaning is feeling. 

It also has to have compelling calls to action and a layout that isn’t too busy and confusing. If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, it may be helpful to reach out to a freelancer who can compose your landing pages for you. 

Tip #4 – Keep Testing

A/B testing is vitally important for your carpet cleaning PPC ad campaign. It allows you to effectively keep tabs on how your ads are performing and, more importantly – make them more effective. 

A/B testing is the process of testing current ads against control ads – ads that have been modified from the original in specific ways. Both ads are displayed to live visitors, and after about a week, you gather the results and see which ad performed better. 

You can judge the performance of the ads on how many clicks they garnered, how many leads they created, impressions, or whatever you feel is most important to your business at any given time. Even with successful PPC ad campaigns, it’s essential to keep testing because good ad campaigns can always be better. 

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