The 8 Best Social Media Platforms for Construction Companies

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For contractors, in particular, social media has been a viable way to reach new and existing customers. Construction companies can offer coupons and specials, notify customers of deals, and do a whole litany of other things that stimulate business growth.

Knowing which social platforms can influence your small business is important, and these are the platforms that can make a massive difference in how your online business continues to grow and thrive.

Use these eight social media platforms, and you can grow your construction business substantially.

Best Social Media Platforms for Construction Companies

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • X
  • Snapchat

1) YouTube

YouTube is an outstanding social media platform for construction companies as the platform garners 122 million daily active users. While many of the most popular YouTube videos are a far cry from construction, there is content for everyone on this popular social network.

Construction companies can easily create a YouTube channel and upload original video content that is sure to engage potential customers.

One of the best features of YouTube is the ability to embed videos on other social platforms and websites. For instance, construction companies can embed a YouTube video on their website’s homepage.

As a result, YouTube serves multiple purposes for content marketing and social media engagement. Future customers can even watch your videos on the go via smartphones or tablets.

Some construction professionals don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, and that’s ok. You can get creative with YouTube content and even hire someone to promote your business in video form. Many companies also have at least one existing employee ready and willing to push your brand on video.

2) Facebook

There are some out there who feel as though Facebook is slipping and becoming a lost form of social media. And while the platform has had some negative momentum and press in recent months and years, it is still a behemoth that cannot be ignored.

With several hundred million users in its employ, Facebook still has a reach that the other platforms would love to have. And unlike Twitter, where simply reaching out to others is the biggest feature, Facebook offers a wide variety of ways to interact with customers.

With Facebook, you can create your own business page where customers can easily find things like contact information, reviews, and photos relating to your business. This allows them to make an informed decision when it comes to your business and feel like they have a greater level of trust in your business.

Not only that, your business can create and interact via groups. This is where like-minded individuals can go to converse on a number of different things. It is a great place to get opinions that customers might have towards your business and to address any issues that there might be with your business.

Your business can also offer coupons and deals through the business page, drawing more customers to check out what your business is all about and creating more traffic and interest. Facebook still has a massive reach, unlike few others these days.

3) Instagram

Instagram sounds pretty simplistic: you share photos and videos. However, describing it as simply that would be doing a disservice to Instagram, its growth, and its possibilities for companies across the globe.

For a contractor, IG is the best place to show off exactly what it is your business can do. Posting videos and pictures of sites with before and after pictures is a great way to show off exactly what your business can offer to your current and potential customers.

Not only that, but Instagram is one of the best places to grow your impact in social media. You can run specials, contests, and deals on Instagram where contestants have to follow your account, share their email, share with friends, etc., in order to win a coupon or a gift.

Instagram has come a long way in a short time, and many feel that it has surpassed more tenured platforms. Finding any way to make use of these platforms makes your business viable and continues to allow it to grow and thrive in what is a very crowded industry.

4) TikTok

TikTok is for kids, right? Not so fast. Research shows that 53% of its users are over 30 years old. So, while you might think about TikTok as a platform for dances, the truth is you can garner significant engagement through this app.

Long-form video content created for YouTube can be repurposed by splitting it into smaller clips that you can upload to your TikTok account. Google has even begun including TikTok videos in the impressions filter of search results.

Sure, you aren’t necessarily going to get a ton of business from TikTok, but you can absolutely create engagement. Think of TikTok as a top-of-the-funnel social platform for construction companies. If you can engage some consumers, even on a surface level, you have a greater chance of converting them.

5) LinkedIn

What was once originally a way to connect with other businesses has grown into so much more. But make no mistake; this is one of the best places to find others within your industry that could be partnered with or to find potential employees within your industry.

LinkedIn has grown throughout the years as a tool for customers. If you have ever wondered about a business – what it is about, who works for it, and a litany of other things – LinkedIn is probably the place that you would want to go.

Most of all, LinkedIn is about professional credibility. There are a lot of businesses on Facebook and Twitter that definitely lack professionalism and credibility; LinkedIn is designed to combat that.

Best of all, there are individual pages for not only the business but for each of the team members so that you can learn as much as possible about the business and who works there before making a decision about whether to do business with that company.

Cultivating potential business relationships has never been easier than it is when using LinkedIn. Though it might not have the ability to prompt sales and interact with customers that some other platforms may offer, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for businesses across the globe for a wide variety of reasons.

6) Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most neglected social media channels for construction businesses. While it doesn’t present the same lead generation potential as Facebook and YouTube, it has less competition.

Furthermore, Pinterest is a great platform for construction design inspiration and creative archiving. For example, you can showcase images of your construction projects and save ideas from other contractors.

Try creating a branded Pinterest board to show off your most impressive projects, particularly those that highlight distinct architecture and home improvement.

By demonstrating this visual evidence of your company’s expertise and experience, you can convert more customers who are in the consideration stage of your sales funnel.

Like YouTube, you can embed Pinterest content into your website. Alternatively, you can use a tool like Field360 to ensure each of your jobs contributes to your on-site SEO in 2024.

7) X

The platform formerly known as Twitter can be a hit-or-miss marketing channel for construction companies. Most small businesses fail to establish positive engagement on X.

Still, X can be beneficial for a contractor through its ability to offer interaction with customers. This can work in a wide variety of ways. The first is that it allows you to talk directly with your customers, ensuring the customer base feels heard and validated.

The second is to address any potential issues that your customers may be having, be it with a product or service. Instead of letting those complaints exist online somewhere, you can address those users directly and ask them what you can do to assess the issue and make it whole.

As long as your business maintains professionalism and doesn’t get into arguments with people online, X is a great avenue to grow your contractor business.

8) Snapchat

Snapchat is all about short videos (snaps) that friends share with one another. In many ways, Snapchat paved the way for TikTok, which has recently ascended in popularity. As a result, Snapchat’s growth has stagnated in recent years, making it less appealing to marketers than TikTok, Instagram, and others.

Another downside to Snapchat is that its market share is primarily for individuals under 30 years old. Despite these potential deterrents, creating a social media profile on Snapchat is never a bad idea. If you can spread your brand to more social platforms, you can strengthen your local authority.

Next Steps for Construction Companies

Posting content on eight different social media channels presents a challenge for smaller construction companies. Luckily, tools like Metric Cool can streamline the process into a single task.

If you still require help with social media content creation and distribution, reach out to an agency with experience in the construction field, like Contractor Webmasters.