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9 Outstanding Marketing Tools for Contractors

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Regardless of how successful your contractor business is, having the right marketing tools available to you can mean the difference between continued success and a struggle to maintain. Relying on referrals from prior customers is fine and well, but you need to build your brand and reputation constantly.

Not only that, the contractor business is one of the most crowded industries that there is. To stand out from the competition, your business needs to be able to differentiate itself with brand recognition through those aforementioned reviews but strong marketing as well.

Before you do anything, it is imperative that you organize your marketing plan. Your business needs to have a plan of action for how your marketing dollars are spent so that the money allotted for that marketing budget does not go to waste and is used as effectively as possible.

Here are just a few of the many marketing tools that your contractor company needs to be utilizing to ensure that your business not only continues to survive but to thrive as well.

Create branding for your business

One of the most essential aspects of not only bringing back return customers but developing new leads is to ensure that your business has brand recognition. This means getting your audience to recognize your business as an authority in the industry and the direction they should look to when it comes to their contractor needs.

When you advertise your brand, there are a number of different things that you should be implementing. Things like business cards or paper products might seem outdated, but getting your logo into the hands of your audience can still have a high impact when it comes to lead development.

For your brand to take effect, it has to be plastered all over everything. Your logo and company name need to be visible in any piece of marketing that you implement so that your audience develops that all-important brand recognition that so many companies crave.

Your company website

It cannot be understated just how important your website is to growing and developing your business. Your company website is likely to be the first impression that a customer gets from your business; this is why it is so important to have an informative and easy-to-navigate website.

Customers have far less patience when it comes to slow load times on websites and if you can’t provide them with informative content, they will simply go somewhere else for it. Make your website destination viewing for your target audience.

Driving traffic to your website is not only a great way to increase the number of eyeballs that see your company, but it is a great way to build those leads and convert them into sales that have a real impact on your bottom line. With your website optimized, you have a major marketing asset in your company’s corner.

Company listings

One of the most important aspects of a company and its reputation is the feedback that comes from prior customers. More than ever, potential customers are looking to online reviews to find out about a company before using their products or services.

That is where these listings become so important. When you register for industry review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp, you not only get your content in front of a sizeable audience, you get vetted by those who have used your services and products.

The more reviews on the most possible websites that you have only strengthens your reputation in the eyes of prior customers and makes you appear more trustworthy in the eyes of potential new customers. As you will notice, building trust is one of the most important aspects of marketing and these listings will help to build that trust in your business.


This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the previous tip, but it cannot be emphasized enough just how important reviews are to the life of your business. They help to establish credibility and trustworthiness in your brand, making you appear to be one of the preferred options for the services and products that you provide.

But what you may not have realized is that reviews impact how easily you are noticed by Google. Optimizing your website is one thing, but ensuring that you have a ton of positive reviews makes your website stand out among specific keywords for your location. The better the reviews, the better your ranking score is for search engines like Google and Bing.

When you are more easily recognizable to search engines, you stand a much better chance of being seen by customers who are performing internet searches that are relevant to your business and your location.

Social Media

The impact that social media has on digital marketing cannot be overstated. Simply put they reach massive audiences on a daily basis (in the instance of Facebook, they literally reach billions of users each day). Being able to market to that large of an audience can have drastic results.

When used correctly, social media can help drive traffic to your website. This is a great way to collect data that can be used for developing leads and it can also be an effective tool for converting some of those leads into sales that have the real effect on your bottom line.

The key to social media is to create informative content and to interact with your target audience. Twitter especially can be used to drive traffic to your website through shared links and customer interaction. Don’t ignore this method; it could have a substantial impact on your business.

Trade Shows

This is a bit more of a niche way of marketing, but the fact of the matter is that you are marketing to a niche audience. You can’t possibly hope to appeal to everyone; with trade shows, you can appeal to your specific audience in your specific industry.

Think about hosting a booth at one of these events. This is an opportunity to create effective and quality leads that are precisely in your target demographic. When you have a great trade show presence, you can also aid your brand visibility. This is a win-win situation for your business.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing but it is also one of the most effective as well. This is because you are essentially putting your business right in front of your audience each time they open their email.

A tried and true method of email marketing is to send out coupons or deals to potential customers. The idea here is to entice them into using your business above other competitors. Email marketing is also a great way to follow up with leads that may not have made a decision yet.

Think about it: you can gather information for leads and then follow up with that lead after a few weeks. Those follow-ups are often the most successful methods of turning leads into sales. Email marketing is also relatively affordable and easy to manage, making it a must-have for your contractor business.

Direct mail

This is basically the same thing as an email marketing campaign except that this is the method of physically putting the paper into the hands of your audience. There have actually been studies that have shown that direct mail has a higher conversion rate than email marketing.

This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that emails can go ignored. Thanks to spam folders, your marketing emails could go completely unnoticed by your target audience. With direct mail, even if the customer wants to throw away the offer, they have to physically handle it. This increases the odds that they actually look at your piece of marketing mail.

Being able to get your brand, specials, coupons, and any other message directly into the hands of the customer is an invaluable form of marketing. You will see over time that direct mail campaigns can have a hugely positive effect on the way that your business not only attracts contractor leads but continues to convert those leads into sales down the line.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Contractor SEO might be a term that you have heard before but don’t know much about. When you optimize your website in a variety of different ways, you make it easier for search engines to find your website for specific keywords and location-based searches.

You can achieve optimization in a number of different ways. Providing quality content is the easiest way to get Google to recognize your website as an authority within the industry. You can also make your website more easily searchable by applying the right tags and categories, image descriptions, and meta descriptions. All of these factors make it easier for those search engines like Google to find your website and present them for relevant searches.

These are just a few of the marketing methods that your contractor company should be implementing to help grow the number of leads that you develop and, eventually, convert those leads into the sales that you need.

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Do Contractors Need a Website? (Updated for 2019)

Do Contractors Need a Website (Blog Banner)

As a contractor, it goes without saying that all of your business is done by using your hands. Any kind of business that requires construction of any kind shares this commonality. So, you might be asking yourself: why do I need a website anyway?

There are many businesses out there that still operate without a website because they feel as though they do not need one despite the continuing trend of businesses moving towards more of a digital footprint.

So, why exactly does your contractor business need to have a website? There are more than a few reasons, but here are some of the most prominent.

Your website is your first impression

What you may not have realized is that now more than ever, potential clients and customers use your company’s website as their first impression about your business. Because of the ease of finding out about a business online, this is how customers are vetting businesses.

And even more often, customers are going straight to the website of a prospective company. They want to see what that business has to offer and why that company should be the one that they choose. For this reason, it is imperative that your company has a website regardless of the industry.

If a customer goes to look for your business online and can’t find a website, guess what? They will move on to the next one. A website is one of the quickest ways to vet a business and not even having one is the quickest way to turn off a potential customer.

Website CTA

Word of mouth is fine…for a while

Perhaps the top reason that contractors do not have a website is that they are relying on word of mouth only to get their business out there to prospective customers. They will “knock on doors” to get their company name out there and tell you how you should be using their service, but sustainability is a huge problem with this method.

Even for companies who experience success with word of mouth – and this comes in other forms like advertising in phone books, local free papers, Craigslist (basically anything that doesn’t cost that much money – it can only last so long and then you’re back to fishing for those word of mouth referrals.

This is why contractors need a website. Ultimately, your business should be constantly marketing itself because no matter how busy you are, there can come a dip and that dip can last far longer than you are comfortable with. As a matter of fact, most contractors are already operating on a roller coaster of a workflow.

When you have a website that is properly optimized for today’s search engine, that turns into a steady drip of contractor leads. And that’s the goal of any contractor business: a consistent, steady business that can be turned into consistent, steady growth.

Desktop View of HVAC Website

Interacting with customers

This is not only about your website, it is about other aspects of your online footprint, but we will get into that later. Your website is arguably the best way that you have to interact with customers, both current and potential.

This is great for a few reasons. The first is that you can have them leave testimonials or reviews. These are the lifeblood of SEO rankings these days and the better (and more) rankings that you have, the higher in the search rankings you will be. And the higher in the search rankings, the more eyeballs that will see your website. This is the best way to generate those leads that are essential for any business.

Not only that, those reviews help you identify any concerns or issues that customers are having and how you can potentially correct those actions. This allows you to eliminate issues that your business might be having and shows your customers that you are dedicated to their satisfaction as well as improving your business. This is huge in the eyes of customers.

It is in this aspect that you should really be working to grow your social media presence. To some, social media seems like a stupid and useless platform for people to share opinions. But it is those opinions that businesses value.

If utilized properly, social media can be a fantastic avenue to get feedback from customers as well as drive traffic to your website. That instant interaction with current and potential clients allows you to show that you are active and listening to your customers.

Not only that, you can use things like coupons or deals advertised through your social media accounts to drive additional traffic to your website. When you do this, that means there are more eyeballs directly on your website and those views are the leads that you need to possibly convert to sales.

Website Design for Roofing Company

Hire a professional

Let’s say that you have finally realized just how important a website is to any business out there and decide to take the plunge into the digital world. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should absolutely not do your own website.

I know what you are thinking: it’s far cheaper to do your own website. And that isn’t wrong, but spending money on your website now will not only save you a ton of headaches in the long run but you will probably make that money back if your website is maintained properly.

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is doing their own web work. You can’t afford to not have a website and you definitely can’t afford to incorrectly do it yourself. There are far too many business owners that hastily slap together a website and think that’s all they need. But if it looks unprofessional, customers will ignore it and think your business lacks credibility.

Hire a professional web service to do your website for you. They will not only make your website look as professional as it can and should look, but they will make sure that its functionality is where it needs to be so that any potential customers can find what they need with little issue.

Not only that, one of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is that the owner refuses to delegate and takes on everything themselves. Wanting to do everything is understandable – it’s cheaper and, for some, it is a point of pride – but it is also the quickest way to failure.

If you spend time designing and maintaining your own website, that just means that other areas of your business are not getting the attention that they need. And when your business is not getting optimal attention in each area, there will be dips and lags that can lead to a downturn in business.

Don’t be cheap for the sake of being cheap; it can really hurt your website and your business, in the long run, to do your website yourself.

What your company website should have

There are more than a few things that a good business website needs to have but the first and most important is your contact information. Even if you have the most beautiful and informative website online, if customers can’t find your contact info within a click or two, they are gone.

It is helpful to have your contact information at the footer of every single page or in the banner of every single page. Ultimately, you want your customers to be able to find it on each page that they visit so they never have to wonder how to contact you.

You also need informative content. This can come in a few different forms, whether it be through a description of your services and products or in the form of a blog where you walk readers through how-to guides. Your website needs to be informative as well because this is how search engines properly select relevant websites. It is essential for a variety of reasons.

Almost as important as having easy to find contact information is that your website has to be easy to read. This is both in a visual sense and in terms of content. More than ever, online users have a short attention span. If you give them content that is visually difficult to read or that is lumped into long-form, they will skip right by it.

Making certain that you have selected easy to read fonts and colors is the first step. The next is the make sure that your content is broken up effectively. Avoid huge blocks of text. Implement headings wherever they make sense to help break up the text. Add pictures to do the same as well as help optimize your site through alternate image descriptions.

Having a website for your contractor business does not necessarily mean that the business will start flooding in. If it is done right, though, your business should see a steady stream of customers that not only visit your website but make the jump into using your services or products altogether.

If you thought that your contractor business didn’t need a website, you need to think again.

Invest in Your Custom Mobile Website Today

Do Contractors Get a Discount at Home Depot?

Do Contractors Get a Discount at Home Depot

There is one thing that you have probably wondered before: do contractors get a discount when they shop at Home Depot? After all, it seems reasonable to believe that contractors likely spend a serious amount of cash at stores such as the mega-chain, so certainly, they get a discount, right?

Well, yes and no. Technically speaking, they don’t get a discount just for being contractors. This might sound unfortunate or unfair but Home Depot is a business, remember. It is their sole purpose to make money and as much of it as possible to ensure that their bottom line is as healthy as it can be.

That being said, contractors aren’t exactly lumped in with the rest of the customer base when using Home Depot. So, how do contractors actually save money when they use the giant chain? Here’s how: the Volume Pricing Program.

Home Depot’s Volume Pricing Program

The Volume Pricing Program (VPP) is a way for contractors or individuals to save money when making large volume orders. The way it works is actually pretty simple, too. Make up your shopping list and present it at the Pro Desk at the nearest Home Depot. The Pro associates will then get you the lowest possible price on orders of at least $1,500.

When you consider just how much money a contractor spends on supplies in a given year that is a lot of savings that can really add up over time. When your contractor business saves money on supplies, that means there is that much more money available to win more leads.

Perhaps the best thing about this for contractors is that, in addition to these savings, they have access to the massive amount of supplies that are available through the Home Depot. This can be essential when trying to fill a big order or working on a bigger job.

Contractors have likely all been there before: a huge job comes in and you find yourself scrambling to not only assemble the team but to get all of the necessary supplies in hand so that you can begin the job in a timely manner. This can be a stressful period for any contractor, especially when you have difficulty in gathering those supplies.

Thanks to the Home Depot VPP, the entire process is easy and you can even assemble your shopping list online to save additional time. Planning ahead has never been easier than it is when using the VPP because it means savings for your business as well as instant availability for the supplies that are essential to getting the job done in a quick and timely manner.

Additional ways to save money

Another great thing about the Volume Pricing Program is that there are bulk pricing-eligible products where you can save even more money when getting the essential supplies that your business needs. There are few feelings quite as good as being able to save a substantial amount of money when purchasing the materials that you needed for the job anyway. It quite literally is a “two birds with one stone” scenario.

Of course, contractors can only see these savings when they consistently use the VPP. Using it once or twice might save a little bit of money on projects that your company undertakes, but it is with extended use that the savings can really add up. And as is the case with any small business, there is never enough money and being able to reallocate funds to job bids or other essentials can go a long way towards the overall health of your business.

There are also a few things to know. When you speak to the contractor’s desk, you submit your order to them. From there, the Pro will submit the order to the corporate office to get a price quote and, within a few hours, you will be offered a price that is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-12% below what the retail cost of that order would normally be.

What they don’t tell you is that there is room for negotiation. You can always negotiate for a steeper discount and the general rule of thumb is to never take less than the 12% mentioned previously. You can actually get it down a little further – in the 17-20% neighborhood if you are lucky – depending on what is in your order. Keep in mind that the higher-margin items that you order will generally get a better overall discount than lower-margin items. If you are buying something that retails at $100 but earns the company very high margins, you might be able to get a larger discount on the order.

On the whole, the Volume Purchase Program is potentially a very helpful one for contractor businesses of all sizes. If you are a smaller contractor, being able to consistently have access to essential supplies and get them at a discount price can mean the difference between an additional bid or two. Those can add up before you know it, making a significant difference on your bottom line.

For those contractors that run with a bit larger of a budget, those savings can also make a substantial impact if you are purchasing materials on a regular basis. For a business of any size, savings on materials needed are massive. Just as big as being able to reallocate funds into other areas of the business. This gives your business greater versatility and the ability to strengthen areas that may have been weaker.

Signing up for the Volume Pricing Program can be a game-changer for contractors everywhere. With a relatively short turnaround time and the potential for serious savings, it makes for a very smart idea for any contractor out there. Make the best use of every dollar by saving on bulk orders and being as prepared as you possibly can be when lining up a new or big job.

The Volume Pricing Program has changed the way that smaller contractors do business and made the entire process far easier and more cost-effective.

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7 Things Contractors “Don’t Get” About Digital Marketing

Contractor Digital Marketing Blog Banner

Digital marketing… it’s everywhere. But then why don’t contractors understand what they actually need it for?

The problem is with the companies promoting and selling marketing services. They use deceptive language and half-truths so that the actual service remains vague and the contractor cannot possibly assess if it works.

As a result, there are many things about digital marketing, that contractors “don’t get” … but through no fault of their own.

So Contractor Webmasters is here to speak clearly and without an agenda.

Why do Contractors Need Digital Marketing?

Marketing your business is the way that you reach your audience. Without those marketing capabilities, you can have the greatest service or product possible but it won’t matter because no one will know about it.

There are multiple methods that fall under digital marketing. One avenue might work for one business but be a massive letdown for another. Still, there are some simple truths to the digital marketing process that many business owners out there simply don’t get.

Instead of working and developing their tactics, they simply don’t “get” these methods and instead let their business suffer along the way. There are seven things in specific that any business out there can take advantage of to improve their overall digital marketing efforts and give their business a better chance at reaching their target audience.

Here are 7 things some contractors “don’t get” about digital marketing:

1) They don’t “get” having a website

There are some old-school business owners out there that think that technology is a burden and that using old-school methods is the only way to go. They feel particularly strong when it comes to having a website in that they think that they don’t need one.

The simple fact of the matter, however, is that any business needs to have a website. This is because 85% of consumers prefer to make a purchase from a store rather than online but they tend to want to know more about that business before they visit the store.

Your website as a business sets the tone for and gives that always valuable first impression to potential clients and customers. Having a website is the first step towards presenting your business well, but you have to make sure that your website says what you want it to.

This is true in both the content that you produce as well as the design that you implement.  Without a website, you basically do not have the ability to make a first impression unless that consumer is willing to seek out reviews on your business or visit you in person (which they likely will not do).

One mistake that many contractors make is in doing their own web design. While this might save you some money in the short term, a design that does not look professional will cost you money in the long-term. Hire a professional web designer to build your website to ensure that you present your website in a professional and informative manner as possible.

2) They think they can ignore digital marketing altogether

There was once a time where the phone book was the preeminent way to find a business. That has changed while remaining basically the same. This is due to search engines that allow you to find a business and their website based on relevant keywords as well as location.

If you ignore digital marketing altogether, your business misses out on those super valuable location-based local searches. Say a user looks for a contractor in their zip code; the search engine will then pull up the most relevant results based on the location and the keywords used.

When your business ignores this, all of that potential business gets missed and goes out the window. This can be resolved in a super-easy way. Setting up a Google My Business page is the easiest and most efficient way to do this. It gathers all of the pertinent information about your business and puts that into your search rankings so that your business can appear when those local searches are performed.

When this happens, your business stands to benefit greatly. Don’t ignore your digital marketing as it can have a great benefit on the bottom line of your business.

3) They try to do it themselves

We kind of touched on it previously above, but there is a sentiment among some business owners that they need to do everything themselves. That is understandable in some ways: it comes down to a matter of pride in wanting to do everything yourself and it can come down to cost.

But the fact of the matter is that you are going to need help in most areas of your business, the digital marketing aspect included. This does not necessarily mean delegating, but it certainly is part of it. Think about referring to case studies to see what digital marketing agencies are doing so that you can try to copy some of their more successful methods.

Money for most small businesses is likely tight and not something that can be thrown around on a whim, but investing in the right help can not only help you focus on the strengths that you can bring to the table but can also help bring your business up a level and grow it in ways that you had only imagined.

4) They fail to Identify a target audience

If you are a small business owner, there are a couple of truths. One of them –one of the most important ones – is to know what your target audience is. This might sound like one of those cliché terms but this is one of the essential aspects that far too many business owners ignore.

Why is this so important? Shouldn’t your business be trying to appeal to everyone out there? While there is some truth to wanting to grow your business to everyone, that just is not feasible even for the biggest businesses on Earth.

For this reason, it is important to identify just who your business is trying to reach and work to make that your focus. This is because your target audience is your core, the group of customers that are most likely to use your business and keep it alive and growing.

When you lose focus of your target audience, your message becomes blurred and unclear and your audience might lose focus on just what it is you offer. When you can hone in on that audience, your business can focus on specific services and being the best that you can in those services.

5) They don’t have a strategy 

Believe it or not, there are many business owners out there who go into their business and just kind of wing it, assuming that their services or products will sell themselves. The fact of the matter is that even the greatest products or services need a marketing strategy.

Having a strategy – meaning that you set goals, strategize who you are targeting and why – means you can be as prepared as possible for what lay ahead. The last thing you need as a business owner is to have a problem come up and you have no idea how to address it.

With the right strategy, you won’t be 100% prepared but you will be as prepared as possible and it will likely get you out of a jam or two while keeping your focus on the ultimate goal ahead.

6) They underestimate the value of mobile

There is certainly a section of people out there, business owners included, that think that smartphones are the worst invention of all-time. Those opinions aside, there is no ignoring the fact that the number of users who do their web surfing on their phones exclusively has been on a steady rise.

Having said that, it should go without saying that you simply cannot ignore mobile and hope to be successful. People, in general, have no patience when it comes to looking for a service or product and if they can’t access your website on their phone, you will likely lose out on that business.

Making certain that your website is optimized for mobile is no longer a key; it is essential. This should be at the forefront of any business owner’s mind when they create a digital footprint and it would not come as a surprise if traditional desktop and laptop surfing continued on a downward trend.

7) They fall for “SEO is dead” chatter

This is a combination of the old-school small business owner as well as the myth that SEO is dead. Granted, Google has made a lot of changes to their search ranking algorithm, but Contractor SEO is anything but dead. There is still a litany of ways that you can set your business up for success through search engine optimization.

Because of the sheer number of searches that happen each day, Google has to work to optimize those searches to make them relevant not only by keyword but by location as well. This allows Google to produce the most relevant and informative search results when users perform their location-based searches.

When you ignore SEO for your online business, you drastically reduce the chances of users being able to find your business through search engines. This will have a massive impact on the overall traffic that visits your website and, in the long run, your bottom line.

There are plenty of other digital marketing methods that too many business owners ignore that could drastically improve their number of leads and their bottom line as well. Turn these weaknesses into strength and your business should see a drastic leap forward in terms of leads as well as sales.

Start Generating Leads for Your Contractor Business

How Tree Trimmers Can Use Google My Business To Increase Sales

Tree Trimmer GMB Blog Cover

As a tree trimmer, you likely know how difficult it can be to attract customers and grow your business. There are so many ways to digitally market your business these days, but what do you do to make your business stand out from the rest of the pack?

There is Google My Business to help your cause. This is a powerful tool that can help your business become more relevant on the biggest search engine in the world. All you have to do is to register your business on Google My Business. Make sure that you include every ounce of relevant information about your business because this is how Google recognizes your viability and dependability as a business.

But not every company knows how to really make the most of that Google My Business service. There are so many companies that err when it comes to properly setting the page up and ensuring that it does all that it can when it comes to making your business more searchable through Google. Now that 60% of Americans use tablets and smartphones to search for local services and products, it is more important than ever to make your business visible.

What mistakes do businesses make with Google My Business?

Want to hear something insane? Approximately 80% of all searches take place on Google. This means a whole massive amount of people are available to potentially see your business. Even if you see a tiny fraction of those eyeballs, that still translates to a massive amount of people. That 80% equates to 3.5 billion searches per day. Let that sink in.

The kicker to that is that the vast majority of people don’t make it past the very first page of Google’s search results. The number of click-throughs from page one to page two is staggering for Google, meaning your business has to get onto the front page of relevant searches or you are likely not being seen.

This is why Google Business is so important. While there are certainly other ways to get your business to show up on the first page of each Google search for that keyword in your location, Google My Business makes for an incredibly valuable tool that is easy to use and helps you do a number of things like:

  • Interact with both current and potential customers as well as manage your reputation online
  • Index, control and display any pertinent information about your business
  • Gather insightful information regarding how your customers make it to your website
  • Curating customer videos, photos, and other content that is user-generated

Google My Business also has a profound impact on the way that local searches are performed and the SEO rankings for those local searches. What’s even more surprising is that a Google study showed that 50% of consumers that did a local search on their phones wound up visiting a store that same day. If that doesn’t show you the profound impact that Google My Business can bring to the table, I’m not sure what will.

How to properly use Google My Business

The first and most important step is to register your information through Google My Business. This includes things like the business name, the address, any pertinent phone numbers, and your website. After that, you will be required to verify your account. This is done by submitting a code that will be mailed to your business address via postcard.

Once your information is added, you can access the dashboard of your listing so that you may begin personalizing it. This is where many companies make a mistake. They get to claiming their Google My Business account, add only the bare minimum when it comes to details, and then they call it a day.

To really make the most of it, you need to optimize your listing. Leveraging your Google My Business account can not only lead to additional valuable leads but begin converting those leads into the sales that can affect your bottom line in drastic ways.

Here are a couple of steps that you should be taking to optimize your Google My Business listing and make sure that you aren’t leaving any money on the table.

Make sure that all of your information is comprehensive, accurate, and up to date

We won’t get too much more into this because we touched on it before, but it cannot be overstated just how important this aspect is. Google will only prompt you for the basics; don’t stop there. Make sure that your category is selected and that you add relevant photos as well.

Do not skimp on the information because it will only hurt you in the long run.

GMB How To Guide

Reviews are essential

This is not only important for your Google My Business account but for your lifeblood as a viable search option. Good reviews will help you generate sales because they establish the credibility of your business and they help to establish brand trust with your audience.

These are two of the most valuable goals of any business out there and being able to achieve these is the difference between a successful business and one that fails. Consumers will generally look into reviews about a given company before they opt to use them. They trust these reviews like they would trust recommendations from a family member or friend. Just think about that.

Utilize Google My Business Messages

Being able to interact directly and instantly with your customers can push your business over the top. But just how are you going to talk to them? Despite having your information on your business page, most people don’t want to call you; they would prefer a text.

That is why having a mobile messaging system in place is so valuable. Giving customers an outlet to contact you without actually having to talk to you is highly valuable and makes your business more trustworthy. These are both essential traits to making your business an authority in the industry.

Get Started With Contractor SEO

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Local Listings for Contractors (Everything You Need to Know)

Local Listings for Contractors Cover

This post guide teaches you about local listings for contractors. They are an integral part of contractor SEO, especially on the local level.

Despite the vast depth of the internet – and how it can feel like a great big world out there – you can prepare your business to be listed so that your local audience can best find you. After all, you aren’t looking to advertise to everyone; you are looking to advertise to those you can provide service to.

Knowing where to list your website for those local searches is the key to not only establishing your business locally online but growing it as well. When you make it easier for your audience to find you, you stand a much better chance of growing your business and becoming an authority in the industry.

It is important to have your business information listed on your website first and foremost. Your website is often the very first thing that prospective clients will see before they ever make a decision on whether or not to use your business. If they cannot find a way to contact you, it does not matter if you have the greatest services in the world: your business will fail.

Try putting your information in the footer of each page. This way, no matter where your audience browses on your website, they will be able to find your information. Making it as easy as possible to find that information is the key to ensuring that they have the easiest path possible towards using your services.

After your own website, however, it is important that you get your contractor business listed on other pages. Online marketing can be a time-consuming thing, but properly listing your website can help you develop the leads that your business needs to continue growing.


Why business listings are essential to your business

There are a few different reasons that establishing listings on various business websites are essential to the health of your business.

The first and most important is due to the reviews that your customers leave. What you might not have realized is that these reviews play a key role in your SEO rankings. That alone would be reason enough to gather those reviews. But the reviews also play a role in establishing the credibility of your business in the eyes of your audience.

When customers look into a business, they are looking into the credibility and reliability of that business. Reviews are the quickest and most reliable way to determine these things. Prospective clients will look to these reviews and treat them with the trust that is reserved for recommendations from family and friends. That is how important these ratings and reviews are.

Lastly, it is important to establish your business on these listing pages simply for the number of eyeballs that each of them brings to the table. There are some, like Facebook which we will touch on later, that reach hundreds of millions of users each day. Even on the lower end of the spectrum, the business listing pages that reach a couple of million visitors each month are a substantial amount of eyes to potentially put onto your business.

Here are the business listing pages that you need to not only be aware of but where your business has to be listed. When you register with each of these websites, your business stands a much greater chance of being seen.

Google My Business

Since Google is the premier search engine in the world, it is important that you have an accurate business listing through their service. Every local business out there, contractors included, should verify their business through a Google My Business listing.

Registering your business through Google My Business is especially imperative because Google itself owns the service. It is the most popular search engine there is and a verified Google listing will get your business to the very front of local searches for your designated keywords as well as in Google Maps.

This will help to strongly bolster the SEO of your website and the content as well. Not only that, you can get reviews through your Google My Business listing as well. This helps your overall SEO ranking, boosting your visibility and bolstering the reputation of your business as a whole.

Those reviews are possibly the most important aspect of any business and its online presence. Google values those ratings heavily in their search ranking algorithm and making certain that your reviews are both visible and thorough can mean all the difference in the world.

Contractor GMB Listing


You will notice a theme through these listings and that is the rating aspect. Ratings are the best way to develop trust with your audience. The vast majority of prospective clients out there will look to reviews of the business they are looking into. They take those recommendations and reviews to be nearly as trustworthy as a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Yelp is one of the largest review sites out there and controls a huge share of search engine user traffic for many different keywords. Not only that, Yelp receives in the neighborhood of 28-31 million visitors from search traffic each month. That is a staggering number and that number alone should be a reason to make sure you have a verified and updated Yelp listing.

From an SEO perspective, building these consistent business citations as well as building backlinks to your website from reputable exterior sites will help to establish the credibility of your website and will help increase your website’s overall search engine presence.

Angie’s List

With a monthly traffic toll in the 4-5 million range, Angie’s List is worth the trouble of creating a listing just for that kind of traffic. That is a large number of eyeballs that could potentially be viewing your company and taking a look at your website.

Making certain that your contractor business is listed on Angie’s List will get you more exposure than just about any other avenue and will get you in front of a large audience that is looking for services in your industry, effectively narrowing down the search and putting relevant eyeballs on your service.

Like Yelp, you can gather reviews here as well. It can’t be stated enough that these reviews are absolutely essential to the growth of your business. When you can gather a litany of reviews from a number of different sources, you become all the more viable in the eyes of potential customers and your brand becomes far more trustworthy for simply being listed and rated on each of these pages.

Google Business also picks up listings from across the web, so these will add to your reputation and will help push your website to the top of the search rankings for relevant keywords in your location. That is a win-win-win across the board.

The more relevant websites that your business gets listed with – and the more of those that you can earn positive ratings from – will only bolster your business in the search rankings and will make your business not only more relevant but more trustworthy.


While Facebook has certainly taken some flack over recent months for how they share your private information, they still remain one of the most relevant places on the web to establish your business. With hundreds of millions of users that log into the website each day, that is a massive audience even when you parse it down into the relevant categories.

When you create a business page listing for your company, you provide an avenue to interact with current and potential customers, showcase reviews, pictures of what your business can offer, and so much more. Simply put it is one of the most effective ways of interacting with your audience while providing those ever-important reviews that drive your business.

Facebook is not specifically targeted for contractors, but it remains one of the most essential methods for contractors (or any business, really) to reach their audience and grow their business. Social media, in general, is great for building relationships with your audience, addressing any concerns that they may have, sharing any specials or discounts, and so much more.

Facebook is also one of the premier spots to build your reputation. Because of the ability to leave reviews and interact with clients, you can generate so much more in the way of discussion about your brand. That brand awareness can make all the difference in the world between a fledgling business and one that is thriving.

Creating a Facebook business page is essential and something that your business needs to do immediately if you have not already established one. It will be a major marketing tool in the digital world and will be a prominent key to building your business.


Back to the niche sites, the ones aimed specifically at the industry. Though HomeAdvisor is not nearly as large as some of the other sites around – it gets monthly traffic of around 2-3 million visitors – it is a very popular option and one that is growing as a viable place for listing your contractor business.

Because of its niche in the contractor business, HomeAdvisor has become one of the trusted places online for those looking to find a reputable contractor. This is a great place for generating high-quality leads that can eventually lead to conversions and those reviews that can make a business live or die.

Google Business listings also promote reviews left on HomeAdvisor, so your website could be getting a multitude of promotions in one shot. When you sign up through HomeAdvisor and get those valuable reviews, it strengthens your SEO rankings and makes you all the more trustworthy when it comes to your audience.

Trustworthiness is the name of the game and any way that you can build that trustworthiness is essential. This is just another trusted source for building your brand reputation and for developing that all-important trust with your audience that businesses clamor for.


This is a bit of a tricky one. Traditionally, Linkedin has been meant for developing contacts within specific industries and potentially finding employees for hire. But in recent years, Linkedin has been adding a litany of new features for businesses. Being able to create a free company page, similar to those on Google and Facebook, is a way to establish your business on the site.

Visitors will be able to follow your page and can even interact with the content that you have posted. This is great because you can post informative content that will help your SEO rankings and will allow followers of your page to interact and follow that content.

Posting daily updates for your company can attract those followers of your company page to interact with you and it can help to bolster your reputation. When you can develop a reputation as one of the leaders in the industry, you will become a reference for those seeking out services that are relevant to your business.

These business listing pages, as you can see, are powerful tools towards building the credibility of your business and getting that business in front of millions of viewers each month. There are many different aspects of online marketing that you have to factor in and this is just one of them.

Establishing your business on these pages is just a portion of the process but it is an important one indeed. Becoming relevant and reputable on each of these pages is a massive step towards becoming a successful online marketer and making your business grow steadily.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to establish your pages on each. You can promote your listings on each of these pages through your website, encouraging visitors to check your listings on each page. This strengthens your business as an authority in the industry and it strengthens your brand as one to not only be recognized but one to be reckoned with.

Make certain that you establish your business with each of these listings as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more eyeballs that potentially miss your business. Don’t let them go unnoticed again.

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Facebook Ads for Landscapers: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Ads for Landscapers Cover

Though Facebook has taken some flack over the last few months, there is no denying that it is still an absolutely massive avenue through with businesses can advertise their wares to the audience that they hope to reach. There are still hundreds of millions of users on Facebook, making it a market that businesses everywhere absolutely have to advertise through.

When you are a landscaping business, the industry can be a crowded one regardless of the local area. Because of this fact, your business needs to find a way to attract the attention of your audience and make your business stand out from the rest on the market.

Facebook Ads are a great way to do this. Contractor SEO is all about getting your brand in front of your audience, making them aware of your company and what it is about, and converting those leads into sales. Without Facebook Ads, you are will likely tread water at best if you even manage to do that.

But how can you create the right ads for your landscaping company to truly stand out in the crowded marketplace of the industry and Facebook in general? This is a comprehensive guide that you will need to follow when creating your next set of ads to run on Facebook.

Choose the type of ad you want to run

Not all ads are created equally and this is the case for Facebook. As a matter of fact, Facebook runs seven different ad formats that you will need to choose from:

  • Video
  • Slideshow
  • Single Image
  • Carousel
  • Instant Experience
  • Collection
  • Retargeting

The ad that you choose will depend on what your ad campaign’s objectives are. When posting your ads on Facebook, this can include things like generating brand awareness, website traffic, or just developing engaging content that your audience clamors for.

When you create your ads, you have to have that clear and compelling imagery that sets your business apart and captures a client’s attention. Though Facebook does offer stock imagery for free, you should have your own pictures to give a unique and individual visual in your ads.

You should make a habit of taking pictures of all aspects of the job: before, during and after. This will clearly showcase what it is your business can bring to the table and these kinds of compelling pictures can instill a level of confidence in prospective customers that would not exist without those pictures.

Retargeting was mentioned above; this is an optional campaign through Facebook. If you have ever visited a website and then had that same product pop up over and over again, that is a retargeting campaign. These can be highly effective ads when establishing brand awareness.

A retargeting campaign uses a bit of code (which is called a Facebook pixel) and is added to your site. This pixel then tells Facebook when a visitor arrives on your website and places ads for your site on Facebook when they leave. Having a steady amount of traffic is recommended for retargeting campaigns as they can be a powerful option when it comes to keeping your business in the mind of potential clients.

Facebook Ad Objectives

Select the demographics that your ad is targeting

Through Facebook, you can use demographic information to target your ads so that they will only display to a specific audience. Obviously, this means that you are missing out on the “casual” audience, but when you are a smaller business, you have to appeal to your target audience first and foremost.

An example of this in the landscaping business is that you know a specific age group will be likely to use your services. You can then deliver your ads to a specific group – think homeowners over 35 – instead of trying to appeal to an audience that isn’t likely to use your services.

To emphasize this a bit more, your landscaping company would want to target your ads in specific zip codes. This is known as geofencing. Since your business is likely only to serve certain zip codes, you won’t want to waste your advertising dollars and energy on places that you can’t serve.

Facebook Ad Demographics

Make sure to focus your ad’s message

Since we are talking about landscaping businesses, there is a pretty good chance that your business offers a wide variety of services; things like yard clean-ups, lawn maintenance, and landscape design. Because your business offers such a wide array of services, you want to create the kind of ads that can showcase everything that you can do, right?

Resisting this temptation to create a broad-scoped ad. Focus instead on making each ad have a singular focus. In the landscaping service, this means focusing on a particular service, maybe a special promotion, or even another offer. Prospective clients might eventually take an interest in your other services, but they aren’t looking to solve all of their problems at one time. Instead, they’ll be focused on solving one of those problems at a time.

This is the best avenue for proving to those prospective clients that you are the company that they need. Focusing on one specific service in each ad really emphasizes that you are the professionals and the authority when it comes to that topic. When you try to focus on everything at once, you run the risk of not connecting with anyone at all.

Make sure to align your visuals and ad content with the specific service that you happen to be offering

Since we are focusing on the landscaping business, let’s just say that your business offers a weekly service that includes lawn maintenance during the summer months of the year. When you promote this via your online ads, you create content that really describes the benefits that this package can have for the client.

When you have done this, you need to choose the ad’s visual. Would you want to choose a lawn that is full of things like leaves and other debris? No, of course, you wouldn’t. This is because it could cause confusion when your client views the ad. You’re essentially saying one thing and showing another.

The key here is to make sure that the visuals and the ad content line up. If you are promoting lawn maintenance, make sure that your visuals show the benefits that the maintenance will have. Don’t confuse your audience in any way; make everything as clear and concise as it can be.

Choose the right landing page

While creating the perfect ad is certainly an important aspect of creating a successful online ad, you also need to think about what the client’s experience is once they actually click the ad and arrive at your landscape website. If your ad goes to your home page, it requires an extra step for your client to go through to find that service. Most of the time, that extra step is enough for the client to not want to use your business.

That is why it is essential to drive traffic through to the landing page that has the content that the ad is based around. Ads have a significantly lower success rate when they direct to the homepage versus a specific landing page.

This is why it is so important that, if you are creating separate ads for each different service, you create a custom landing page for each of those ads. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to find that service page and don’t give them any extra steps.

When the client clicks on your ad, they are taking the first step towards potentially using your service. When they click that ad, make sure that you “pay off” that potential interest by bringing them right to the service page that they want so that they can learn even more about that service.

Don’t waste those clicks because they are far too valuable and important. Sending clients to the right landing page maximizes those clicks and gives those clients the incentive to want to use the product or service since you have basically brought them right to it.

Don’t ignore the results

Most of all make use of your analytics services. You can use a variety of analytics services to track the clicks that go to your website. This is important for finding out where you are having success with your ad campaigns and where refinement is necessary.

You invest too much time and money into your ads to have them ignored once they are deployed. Learn what your audience responds to and make a point to emphasize those strengths. This can help keep your ad campaign going strong while you work out the kinks with the ads that aren’t working so well, allowing you to keep going strong while making those refinements.

Analytics can be almost as valuable as the ads themselves; making proper use of them can be informative and help you keep your ad campaign moving along towards positive results. Use them well and use them wisely.

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Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks for Contractors

Inbound Marketing Tips for Contractors Blog Banner

As a business, you may have heard a term before but not realized what it meant: inbound marketing. This is a methodology in business that is about attracting customers through experiences that are tailored to them and creating content that is valuable.

Inbound marketing is about creating connections with your audience that is looking for solutions to problems that they have whereas outbound marketing is about interrupting your audience with content that they likely don’t want.

Establishing an effective marketing strategy as a contractor can mean the difference between success and failure as a business. Here are a few tried and true strategies that can help boost your inbound marketing efforts and leave you seeing the results that you have always been after.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising using location target

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most effective methods of marketing that there is. PPC are ads that work on Google based on certain location-based keywords (contractor would be a great one in this instance) so that when a person searches for a service related to your industry in your specific location, your business is one of the first that comes up.

What is also great about PPC advertising is that it helps to establish your brand while allowing businesses to only pay for those ads when they are actually clicked. This is a fantastic way to keep your brand in the peripheral of your potential audience until they are ready to click.

Marketing on a budget is easier with PPC because you are only competing with your location-based competition instead of all of Google.

Optimize your website

Having a great website is one of the biggest keys to establishing a strong method of marketing. This is because well over 80% of consumers will check out a business’s website before they decide on making a purchase. Having said that, your website has to make a strong first impression and it has to be a source of informative content.

But if your website isn’t properly optimized, it doesn’t matter if you have the best content on the web. The simple fact of the matter is that people need to be able to find it easily, otherwise they are going to go with other options. There are a number of different things that you can do to properly optimize your website.

Things that you might not have considered, like making sure that your image tags are there and that there is an image description, are far more essential than you might realize. In tandem with meta descriptions and internal links, you can make your website far more searchable when using search engines like Google.

Have a strong email marketing campaign

What you might not have realized is that email marketing is still one of the strongest methods of marketing that there is for businesses in all industries. This is because email marketing is a great way to get your product in front of your audience and make them aware of your brand as well as the services that you have to offer.

A great email campaign would include things like any discounts or coupons that you could provide, specials that you are running, or any other type of incentive to get the recipient of those emails to use your business. There are few portions of a campaign that can be as successful as a strong email marketing campaign.

The key here is to appeal to both current and prospective customers. Running reward campaigns for current customers and a discount for prospective customers is a great way to entice those customers to buy your product or use your services.

Create call-to-actions (CTA)

The key to any good content, whether it is through your website or any kind of campaign, is to have a call-to-action. This is what tells your customers that they need to use your business for a given reason. Not only that, having a CTA on your website adds interest to your website.

When you implement CTAs on your website, you can give that visitor incentive to click on the button, the link or image. This works for you because you sell a product or at the very least get important information about your prospective customers.

A good call-to-action can also raise a sense of urgency in your prospective customers, urging them to use your product or service.

Social Media Campaigns

One of the most powerful aspects of marketing on the internet is the use of social media. Social media is a massive platform that has a litany of uses and businesses are only just beginning to tap into the potential that it offers in terms of building their customer base.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all reach hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. Understanding how to best use them can make a huge difference in the way that can drastically affect a business. Understanding the right way to utilize each is the key.

Facebook is a great place for gathering customer feedback and reviews. When you create a Facebook business page, this is a great source of information for your current and prospective information. They can find your contact information, photographs from jobs you’ve completed or products you offer, and reviews from other users. It is a great, multi-faceted source of information for customers.

Twitter is fantastic for direct interaction with your audience as well as driving traffic to your website through the use of links. The direct interaction is key because users can make you aware of the issues that may be occurring in your business, allowing you to get a lead on correcting them.

Instagram, meanwhile, is a combination of the three. You can interact with customers, use hashtags to track your business, and show photos from job sites or of your products. Making effective use of these three mediums is a great way to establish an effective marketing campaign.

Get customer reviews

Perhaps the most important aspect of a marketing campaign is to show your audience that you are to be trusted and that your business is reputable. Gaining that trust with your audience is perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome as a business in any industry.

Customer reviews are the quickest way to establish legitimacy and trustworthiness with your audience base. There are a couple of keys here. Featuring your reviews in an easily accessible place leaves your audience with valuable feedback on your company.

It is important to not hide or ignore negative feedback. Address it, along with all positive comments, to show that you care about the experience that each customer has and that you are listening to what customers have to say. This will show that your company is more accessible and cares about the overall experience of the customer.

Also, don’t limit yourself to reviews left on your own website. Create and showcase profiles on other review sites like Yelp, Google, and others. This gives you diversity when it comes to showcasing what customers have had to say about you and it furthers your legitimacy.

Establish local partnerships

When running a business, it can often feel like an “us versus the world” kind of situation, but that is not always the case. In your industry, sure, it’s you against everyone but partnering up with local businesses that are relevant to yours can be highly beneficial.

For instance, if you run a contractor business, it might be beneficial to partner up with a local hardware store. Run a program where they get a certain percentage off at the store for using your business and vice versa. This can help drive traffic to each other’s businesses and raise awareness as well.

Make use of forms

While converting prospects is essential, getting those leads that turn into conversions is just as important to the process. Getting information from your customers is essential to growing a business and you have to have effective ways to capture information.

One great way to do this is to make use of the front page of your website. A prospective customer who is potentially interested in using your business would go to your website to learn more about your company. While there, they could fill out a form with their information. This is great because you can follow up with them later to gauge their interest or push them from prospective customers to the actual customers.

As you can see, there are a plethora of different marketing strategies that you can use to make your contractor business earn leads more effectively and turn those leads into actual sales. Getting the attention of your audience is difficult, but when you have the proper marketing campaign, it can really make your business stand out.

The key is to implement a few different strategies and see which ones work best. Then, you can put an emphasis on those and make the tweaks necessary to the other campaigns until you find a sweet spot and your business begins to buzz.

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How To Write Construction Company Website Content

How To Write Construction Company Website Content Banner

Today, you are going to learn how to write construction company website content.

When you are building your website, one of the most common things that you will hear about is developing content for your customers. Every good website has informative content that generates page views, which generates leads, which turns into conversions.

But just what are you supposed to write about that will get the attention of your audience and your potential customers as a construction company? Knowing how to deliver that unique, informative content for your audience can mean the difference between substantial page views and being left in the dust.

While there are certainly no scientific means for doing this, there are tried and true methods that have proven to be successful in today’s digital marketing world. Here are a few tips for delivering the kind of content that can really get more eyeballs on your website.

Construction Worker Writes Website Content

Creating informative content is the number one key to generating views on your blog posts and individual service pages for your construction business.

Focus on your clients’ needs

One sure-fire way to provide informative and interesting content is to know what your customers are looking for and how to address those questions. There are a million different businesses in each industry that are all offering similar services or products, but when you can stand out by being informative and helpful to the customer, you have a leg up on the competition.

Tailor your content to your business and the questions that your clients ask most often. When you can answer questions directly, you instill a level of confidence and trust with your customers that most businesses would kill for. When the customer feels like they can trust you and what you have to say, that is a huge leg up on the competition.

Most importantly, when you write about specific content, you target services that benefit the customer. When a prospective customer is looking for businesses out there to solve their needs, they might not entirely know what they are looking for in a company.

When you can clearly illustrate to your audience why your services can benefit them and their specific needs, you make it clear in the customer’s mind what they need and they will associate that with your company. Brand recognition is similar to this and getting that level of recognition is huge to a small business or one that is in a very crowded industry like construction.

Testimonials and reviews are key

Now more than ever, prospective customers are doing research on the companies that they might be potentially using. This research, more often than not, is in the form of checking reviews and testimonials on that company left by people who have actually used that company’s services.

It has been proven that a huge percentage of people will trust a testimonial or positive review as if it were given to them from a family member or friend. Those reviews and testimonials is how a prospective customer learns about a company and their level of trustworthiness.

This is also the biggest way to develop that trust. When a customer is looking into a business, if they have a lot of positive reviews, that customer feels as though they can trust in the services provided and are far more likely to use that business or service.

Make sure that you differentiate your reviews and testimonials and make them easy to for customers to see. Having a separate page for these things is usually fine enough, but anything that you can do to make your reviews apparent to your customers, the easier it is for them to see how great other people think your business is.

Create an FAQ

It cannot be emphasized enough that your website should be a source of information for both current customers and prospective ones alike. When you provide information for your audience, your website becomes the place for information and a destination for your audience.

Think about every single scenario that you can possibly consider that your audience will want to know the answer to. Think about unique questions, not just the generic ones that everyone has an answer for. When you can answer those questions, you become an authority on the subject and within the industry.

Base blog posts around numbered lists

One of the easiest and best ways to create the kind of content that stands out and draws in viewers is to create numbered lists. Combine your FAQ, your expert knowledge on the matter, and even other companies’ topics to generate several ideas to base your numbered lists on.

Get as creative as possible when generating these list-based pieces. When you can be more informative and fun, the better the piece and the more likely to attract attention from your audience. You want to create the kind of content that gets shared on Facebook between family and friends.

When you are about to publish your post to your blog, think about whether or not you would want to read this post. If the answer is anything but a resounding yes, then you need to re-think your strategy and come up with something new.

Fun and innovative content is the easiest way to get readers to look at your content; give them something that they will want to read and you will have a consistent audience flocking to your website for more.

Stay relevant to the industry

While it is certainly your website and you can put whatever you want there, your audience is coming to you for your opinions on industry-related subjects. Don’t stray away from those too often and, if you can help it, don’t do it at all.

The key, as stated above, is to become the authority within your industry. Post knowledgeable, interesting pieces that are relevant to your industry. That might not be the most fun thing in the world, but it is what brings customers flocking back to your website.

There are so many things that you can do to provide interesting content that will generate traffic to your website over and over again. Do this and your website will become appointment reading for many potential customers who will then turn to your business.

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Why Your Contractor Website Needs “Social Proof”

Contractor Website Social Proof Banner

One of the most common questions that contractor businesses ask themselves is how they can gain the attention of new leads with all of the competition that is in the industry. Knowing how to generate those leads, which can lead to conversions into actual sales, makes a huge difference in the overall health of your business.

You might have a great product and your website can look great and efficient. But the fact of the matter is that clients are looking for more before they make the leap into spending money on your business. Most importantly, they want to know what other people are saying about your business and why they should entrust your business with their hard-earned money.

Most of the big online retailers, like Amazon, are already pushing their customers for reviews on their site. The idea here is that people need to see other people enjoying that product. The idea is called social proof. This is the concept that buyers are influenced by the actions and decisions of others like them.

Knowing why social proof is important

If you talk to any marketing agency out there, one of the first things they will tell you is how important it is to social proof your website. This is because social proofing is becoming one of the most important aspects of businesses online. There are a number of different reasons that social proofing your website is so essential:

  • People put trust in online reviews before they make a purchase
  • Testimonials generally add credibility to the services and products that a business offers
  • What you might not know is that social proof can help you earn better SEO because it adds more favorable language to your online brand
  • When your client base is looking to source opinions, your business can show that you care about the experience that the customer has with your brand. This strengthens the relationship that you have with clients and develops brand trust.

As you can see, social proof can have a monumental impact on the way that your business and brand are perceived by clients, both current and future. When you can develop a trust in your audience, you have won perhaps the biggest battle that businesses face in reaching their audience.

Know what types of testimonials to have

There are definitely a number of ways that you can get testimonials for your business and there are even more ways to display them on your website. You don’t necessarily need to rely on one-liners from clients – they are still helpful – but there are other ways that you can use these testimonials to bolster your website and brand.

  • Send surveys to new clients. When your customers use a product or service that your contractor business offers, give them a survey about a number of different aspects. Ask them how the service was, how your employees interacted with them, if they are satisfied, etc. Give them multiple avenues to provide that feedback (email, social media, direct mail form) and ask them to provide any feedback possible. You can encourage them to send in more responses by offering a coupon, a gift, or a discount for their feedback efforts. That feedback can then help you to refine your business and make improvements wherever necessary.
  • Encourage social media posts. Social media is a booming avenue for businesses of all types to reach their customer base and to grow that customer base as well. You can use specific hashtags to track your customer responses for specific products or services that you offer. This allows you to respond to certain queries and interact with your customers quicker than ever before. Instagram is also an avenue to explore because this allows you to post pictures from your feed on your site as social proof. Customers can only trust a business saying how great they are so much; when you show them your work, with before and after photos, they can see first-hand just what kind of work you can provide. It is important to note that if you plan on using someone’s social post on your website, you should probably reach out to them first to get their permission. It’s just common courtesy.
  • Offer services and products to people with larger followings. There are users on each of these social media platforms that are known as “influencers”. These people essentially advertise paid products to their audience and try to sell their audience on those products. By partnering with these influencers, you can potentially reach a whole new audience with your services. Knowing how to leverage these influencers to promote your service can have a huge impact on the right target and a little bit of patience.
  • Host an event. This is a prime opportunity to get testimonials right on the spot. Setting up a camera in the event space and asking participants to provide opinions on your business and services can be an effective way to show potential customers just what you have to offer. Especially with the impact that video is now having in terms of SEO rankings, this can be a great way to improve your SEO and display your brand’s trustworthiness.
  • Feature reviews from other sites. There are a ton of review-based websites out there that specialize in being a place for users to convene and discuss products and services. Places like Yelp or HomeAdvisor would be the most relevant to a contractor business, and showing those positive reviews on your website is a further way to develop that brand trustworthiness. Anything that you can do to show trust in your brand to your audience is a huge win in the long run for your business.

What you need to keep in mind here is that if you don’t ask for reviews about your business, you are not likely to get them. Customers typically don’t go above and beyond for the sake of a business unless they are asked or feel very strongly about that business.

The key is to find ways to ask for those reviews that aren’t terribly inconvenient or pushy. As stated just a moment ago, customers are not looking to go above and beyond for business. But if you have provided exceptional service to a customer, they might be more likely to answer a survey or provide some feedback.

Giving them as many avenues as possible to leave those positive reviews can be a major difference in the way that your audience views your business. When you give them real-life testimonials, they are more likely to develop feelings of trust in your business that may not have previously been there.

Developing brand trust is everything

In a crowded industry, particularly like the contractor business, it can be difficult for customers to tell the difference between one company and the next. The way that they do this is to find those testimonials and reviews that we talked about and to base the majority of their opinion on those reviews.

Simply put those reviews make potential customers feel like they can trust a brand based on the reviews that they read. Developing that trust in your brand is one of the biggest and most important factors that you can address. Getting your audience to positively identify your business and separate it from the others in the industry can make a huge difference in the number of leads that you generate and how many of those that eventually get converted into sales that go towards your bottom line.

Change the way you feature your reviews

Finding a way to put your reviews somewhere on the front page of your website is important, but you have to do so in a way where it doesn’t feel forced, obvious, or out of place. The key to anything online is to make it as easy as possible for the user to find it. When they have to go through multiple avenues for something, they are likely to give up and forget about it.

When you put those reviews right up front, you are presenting a public opinion on your brand and hoping that it is both positive and that it will be noticed. If you have a reviews page, that is fine; there should be a designated page for those types of things as well. But make sure that your audience knows what people are saying about your company without making them work for it.

When you do this, you develop that level of trust with your audience and make one of the biggest leaps to developing brand trust with your audience. When your business starts to develop that brand trust, you stand out from the rest of the competition in what is already very crowded industry.

Make your website social proof as soon as possible. It cannot be understated just how important an aspect it is towards not only the health of your website but the health of your business as a whole.

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