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How to Use SEO to Rank for “Roofer in New York”

SEO for Roofers in New York Blog Cover

SEO is a competitive space in 2021. Local roofers in New York compete on Google to rank for terms like “roofer in new york” or “roofing contractor ny” and other related terms. The goal for each local contractor is to show up on organic results and the local map pack. This is best achieved using Contractor SEO services that involve on-page SEO, local SEO, content writing, web design, and more. Google looks at various signals to determine where a local business will rank on search results.

Roofer in New York Local Map Pack Results

Google’s Local 3-Pack Helps Generate Leads for New York Roofing Companies

Search Engine Optimization Guide for NY Roofing Companies

SEO is one of the most essential aspects of marketing your website online, yet so few really know how to truly implement it. SEO for roofers in New York can be the difference between success and failure for those businesses.

This is where local SEO comes into play. Dominating SEO for roofers in New York is necessary to stand out among competitors, develop leads that are the lifeblood of any business, and bringing in those conversions that can have the biggest impact on the bottom line.

But how can you dominate SEO for roofers in New York? What steps can you make to turn the local SEO game into something that benefits your business and helps you to generate those leads that you need to keep your business buzzing?

Here is a guide to dominating SEO for roofers in New York:

1) Optimize Google My Business

One of the most effective tools out there for SEO for roofers in New York is Google My Business. These listings allow users to get all the relevant information on businesses in the keyword that they are searching for. These listings can make a huge difference in the ability of a company to generate the leads that they need to continue growing.

The first step is to claim your business on Google My Business. This will establish your business’ presence on the massive search engine completely free of cost. Even better, it also means that your business will show up on Google Maps. Allowing users to find your business during those local searches can make a huge difference when searching.

The key here is to make certain that all the information you provide is both complete and accurate. Far too many businesses establish their Google My Business listing but don’t provide accurate information.

Doing this not only frustrates the end-user, but it also knocks down your value in the eyes of Google SERPs. Google has the goal of providing the most accurate, relevant information possible to its users, and having incomplete information won’t make the cut.

Local NY Roofing GMB

2) Get Regular Reviews

Perhaps the most important aspect of the online presence of any business is the ability to generate reviews. The vast majority of those reviews need to be positive, too, because no one wants to go with a business that has overwhelmingly negative reviews.

Why are those reviews so important? More than anything, customers are looking to verify that the company they are looking into is a trustworthy and reliable option. They don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on a service that won’t provide great results.

It is also important to remember that a few negative reviews are not back-breaking. As a matter of fact, they can be quite helpful to your overall perception in the eyes of customers. A business with 100% positive results doesn’t feel “real” in the eyes of the consumer.

It is those negative results that make your business feel authentic and also provide an opportunity for you to respond positively. Being able to positively respond to those negative reviews shows that your business is willing to go above and beyond to provide a positive experience to the customer.

Amass those reviews any way that you can. Provide an incentive for your past customers to provide reviews because they can have a substantial impact on your SEO ranking as well as how you are viewed by potential customers. To dominate SEO for roofers in New York, this is an absolute must.

New York Roofer Reviews

3) Optimize for Organic Search

The local map pack is great, but it is based partially on proximity, which is something you cannot control. If you really want to generate local New York area leads, you will have to show up on organic results in addition to mapping.

Organic SEO involves writing high-quality content within a logical URL website structure. It also requires on-page SEO techniques such as title tag and meta description optimization. Another important on-page SEO tactic is internal linking, which helps users navigate between relevant pages on your website.

Google asks you to write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic, which is what you must provide in order to rank on organic. Never copy content from another source, and always ensure that it is written by someone with a background in content or roofing.

Keyword research is another critical part of the process since it reveals what your potential customers are searching for. You can use tools like MOZ Keyword Explorer, SEMRush, and UberSuggest to find the search volume for specific phrases. Keep in mind that some keywords are more competitive than others, and will require more work to rank for.

Roofer in NY Organic Results

4) Optimize for Mobile

If you didn’t get the importance of mobile when discussing voice optimization, we will drive home the impact that it has on SEO for roofers in New York and elsewhere. Since 2017, mobile versus desktop trends have shifted starkly to the point where mobile is the favored origination point for searches.

As a result, this means that having a faster mobile site is more important than ever. With mobile searches continuing to grow at an exponential rate, more importance than ever is being placed on having a website optimized for mobile.

There are a few common tips for making certain that your website is optimized for mobile. Things like using bigger fonts to make it easier to read on smaller screens. Using images and copy sparingly since there is less room to work with on those mobile screens.

Perhaps most important is ensuring that your website loads quickly. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the user will likely move on from your website. It might seem unreasonable, but that’s how mobile searching works these days.

Optimize your website for mobile and your position in SEO for roofers in New York should grow exponentially.

Mobile-Friendly New York Roofing Company Site

5) Use Location Pages

If your business has more than one location in a given geographical area, it is essential to have location pages. Not only that, those location pages need to be able to provide a number of informative bits:; store hours, name/address/phone number (NAP), individualized descriptions, promotions, testimonials, parking availability, and Google Maps attached to each location page.

And that’s just the start of it. If you have multiple location pages, you need to create individualized content for each of those unique pages. Repeating content will only serve to harm your overall SERP ranking, so don’t just copy and paste content from page to page.

If you have just one location, as many companies targeting SEO for roofers in New York have, then you definitely need an “About Us” page that focuses on local, relevant information about your business. That about us page can mention projects that you have undertaken in your town or city, information that is relevant to your business and location.

NY Roofer Location Page

6) Designate Pages for Specific Roofing Services

The process of creating a website can be a large and taxing endeavor to undertake. For that reason, it can be completely understandable to want to lump all of your products or services together into one big page. Do. Not. Do this.

It is important to have one page that is dedicated to each of the products or services that you offer. This is because search engines will not see your authority in that area if you lump all of your services together. It lowers your ranking possibilities and hurts your overall SERP.

If you don’t have many individualized products or services but have multiple locations, this is where those location-based pages come in handy. You can provide unique content on each of those pages, improving your overall Google SERP.

New York Roofing Service Page

7) Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for SEO for roofers in New York and a litany of other searches for a reason: they help establish your authority within your industry and in the eyes of Google’s SERPs. When your website is authoritative, it checks off one of the major categories that Google uses to determine the most relevant search results.

Being able to establish that authority within your industry is essential because it means that others within the industry will refer back to your website. This can mean generating organic traffic to your website from people who may have been on the fence about your services but still trust your word on relevant topics.

Creating consistent, engaging content is one of the best ways to establish that authority. Talk about questions that your target audience asks on a regular basis and answer them in a comprehensive manner on your website.

Doing this creates a level of authority for your business within the industry and can even garner links from other authorities within the industry. This is beneficial not only in the eyes of the customer but in the eyes of Google’s SERPs as well, resulting in better opportunities to rank on page 1 of their relevant results.

New York Roofing SEO Backlink Profile

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How Do Google Core Updates Impact Contractor Websites?

Google Core Updates Blog Cover

January 2020 sparked discussion around SEO as the latest of the Google core updates was released and rolled out. Although Google makes some type of change to its algorithm on a daily basis, a core update represents a more significant change

It should come as no surprise that Google makes frequent updates to its algorithm. With nearly two trillion searches each year and 20 years under its belt as a search engine, it has to make those updates in order to get the very best out of its search algorithms.

To put some context on it, Google launched more than 3000 changes to its Google Search in just the last year. To say that there will be changes on the horizon for 2020 would be putting it lightly. Still many of these updates are peripheral and something that you might not notice.

But there are major updates known as core updates that make significant and broad changes to the algorithm and systems that Google runs. These core updates can attract major attention because they have a more noticeable effect.

What is a Google core update?

A core update happens whenever Google makes a broad or significant change to its search engine algorithm.  All of these updates have the aim of improving the search experience for users while providing more useful, relevant, and trustworthy content than the previous update.

Google January 2020 Core Update Tweet

Different Core Update Examples

Prior to 2020, you may have noticed some of the more recent Google core updates that were rolled out in 2019. One of which was the March 2019 core update. Google itself never released specific details about the update, but there was industry research that suggested that those sites with low-quality content would see the biggest decrease in both rankings and traffic.

That same study also showed that most of the websites that were affected by that core update worked to improve their overall content and, by proxy, their overall search ranking.

Then there was the June 2019 Core Update. This broad core update was meant to mimic other core updates. Unlike the previous core update, this one didn’t update any of the major categories like the March core update or a previous update that had an impact on site speed.

Google did, however, suggest that users read their 2011 blog post on how to build higher-quality websites in order to better learn to improve their sites for the long haul. Google can be quite vague with its updates at times.

Lastly is the September 2019 Core Update. Those that reported negative impacts from the June 2019 Core Update reported getting increases in both their rankings and traffic when the September 2019 Core Update was released.

Generally speaking, this update was thought to have the biggest impact on healthcare and news sites. The thing to keep in mind is that these updates rarely come with details. Pay attention to industry reports in the wake of an update to learn more about its general impact.

How Can You Tell if a Google Core Update Had a Negative Impact on Your Contractor Website?

It is normal to be worried that a Google core update could have a negative impact on your contractor website. And since they don’t really announce what the update entails, it can be easy to not know what changes have taken place until you begin to see changes.

Decreased Rankings

When Google makes a broad core update, SEOs often look at the search engine results page, also known as SERPs. Your rankings in the SERPs can give you a pretty good insight into whether a core update helps or hurt your site.

You will have to monitor the rankings for several days to really get an idea of where things have changed, so don’t expect to see an impact in a single day. Be sure to check your rankings for a variety of keywords, including ones that have different intents.

If you begin to see your rankings tumble over the subsequent days, you can be certain that the latest Google core update has had a negative impact on your website as it stands.

Decreased Traffic

Another thing to keep an eye on in the wake of a Google Core Update is your organic traffic. Should your rankings drop in the search results, you will definitely lose traffic. You could see a dramatic drop in traffic depending on what your before and after rankings are since the first five positions on Google search results generate 68% of all clicks.

Be certain to use your Google Analytics package to analyze your rankings and site traffic. Take a look at your traffic year-over-year to see where the biggest impact is. While you should definitely look at your site-wide traffic, make sure that you take the time to look at the traffic of individual pages as well.

If you have been impacted by the latest core update, there are two things that you can do to help alleviate the issue.

Refer To The Google Quality Rater Guidelines

This details exactly what Google wants and expects from websites, determining Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, also known as E-A-T. If you are uncertain of what to do to improve your rankings and, therefore, your traffic, this is the best bet.

Assess your content

Since content is such a critical part of the SEO rankings, this is one of the first places to start when reevaluating your website for any potential core update dips. Depending on the size of your website, you might want to shift your focus to the more important and valuable pages on your website.

Sometimes, the core updates can have an impact on some but not all of your content. In an instance like this, take a look at the content that was and wasn’t affected and take note of the differences between the two. This will go a long way towards allowing you to make the necessary adjustments for the new core update.

Evaluate things like the quality of the content, the presentation and production, how comparative it is, and the overall expertise. This will go a long way towards reestablishing your website in the Google search rankings, helping to drive more of that organic traffic back to your website that may have been cut out.

Audit Your Website’s Health With Contractor SEO Services

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6 Tantalizing (Strategies + Tips) To Generate Towing Leads in 2021

Towing Leads Tips Cover

What are Towing Leads?

Towing leads are potential customers who have demonstrated interest in using your tow truck services. Their interest can be made in various forms including phone calls, text messages, email inquiries, and website form fill-outs.

What is Towing Lead Generation?

Tow truck lead generation is the process of attracting those leads so that they contact you for services. Lead generation can take place through a 3rd party platform like a leads broker, or it can be done manually through branded digital marketing efforts.

How Can I Get Free Roadside Assistance Leads?

While there’s really no such thing as “free leads” you can generate exclusive towing leads from your own online assets by using digital marketing techniques. You will still have to pay to host your website but at least you won’t have to pay a 3rd party broker for a shared lead.

Making Sense of Lead Generation for Tow Truck Companies

Small businesses, regardless of their industry or geographical location, have one thing in common: they are all battling for customers. That is why finding the most effective ways to generate business leads is so essential.

Without those leads, you can’t gain the conversions needed to turn those leads into actual dollars for your company. But generating those leads is not as easy as you may have previously thought. Getting in front of your audience is one thing, but attracting their attention is entirely different.

There are more than a few things that you can do to attract the attention of leads in your industry. Not all of those leads will convert, but the ones that do will be directly responsible for the success or failure of your business as a whole.

Follow some of these tactics, and you should be able to develop the necessary leads to keep your business surviving and thriving.

1) Create a Lead Generation Website

There are a few truths when it comes to marketing and lead generation and that is that your website is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal. Your website is arguably the most important asset that you have because it is a direct representation of your business to uncertain customers.

Now more than ever, customers are taking the extra steps to look into a business before actually using them. And where do you think they are going to go first when they have questions about your business? That’s right, your website.

Your website will set the tone for your audience, telling them everything that they need to know about your business before making the decision on whether to use your business. By using contractor SEO you can show up on organic search results for common keywords that people search for. When they find you and have a positive experience on your site, they are likely to convert into a lead.

Ensuring that your website is not only properly designed by properly functioning can make a massive difference when it comes to attracting leads to your business. The key is to make everything as easy as possible for potential customers.

Put your contact information everywhere you possibly can and make certain that it is as accurate as possible. A quick way to ensure that someone will never visit your website again is to have inconsistent information that makes it more difficult for them to contact you.

A great website will, at the very least, make it difficult for leads to ignoring your business. At the very best, it will result in more conversions for your business, which will translate into dollars towards your bottom line. And at the end of the day, that bottom line is what is most important for any small business.

2) Run Engaging Promotions

One aspect of any small business is that they need to have promotions in order to get their products and services in front of their target audience.  In order to generate those leads that can become actual sales dollars for the business, they need to be able to get those promotions to their target audience.

But the universal fact for small businesses everywhere is that they do not have an unlimited marketing budget to deal with. That means finding the strategies that will provide the most bang for your marketing buck.

Identifying the marketing strategies that will best promote your business while reaching the largest portion of your target audience is the key to being effective on a particular budget. There are plenty of smart towing marketing ideas out there that can fit this need.

Having an informational website, a strong social media presence, or a blog is a good place to start. You can also attend industry events, speaking engagements, participate in pay-per-click advertising, and a number of other ventures.

It is also important to find a strategy that is the most effective. You don’t want to pick a promotional strategy, find out it doesn’t work, and then needlessly stick with it. Be smart, be patient, and be willing to make a change. That’s how you stretch those smaller promotional budgets.

3) Understand Your Target Audience

No matter how great your promotional tactics are, they won’t be nearly as effective if you don’t know who it is you are trying to appeal to. This is what is known as your target audience. Generating leads is very difficult if you don’t know who your target audience is.

It is incredibly difficult to reach an audience that has no interest in your products or services, but if you have a target audience in mind, they are much more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. If at all possible, you should research your audience before launching your business.

If you have already gotten your business off the ground, taking some time out to research your target audience and find the ideal customer to appeal to is something that you absolutely have to do in order to find the greatest amount of success for your business.

One thing that you could do is to create a comprehensive marketing plan in order to not only find out who your target audience is but how to appeal to them in the most effective way possible.

4) Run Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the most tried and true methods of marketing is email newsletters and marketing. Email has become one of the most common methods of communication anywhere and has only gone up since smartphones have become such a prevalent part of everyday society.

Email marketing is a great way to follow up and connect with those prospects who might still be on the fence about using your company. You can follow up with these contacts by perhaps offering them more information about your company or a special discount or deal that might entice them to make the jump.

In any event, having direct access via email is a fantastic way to get directly to your audience.  Even being able to remain in their peripheral consciousness is a great way to keep your brand awareness up and to make certain that those contacts are always right on the cusp of becoming a conversion.

Email marketing is also a great way to create repeat sales. Businesses should always, always follow up with current customers to ensure that they stay current customers. Email marketing can be a fantastic way to foster brand loyalty that businesses everywhere hope to cultivate.

Most email marketing campaigns can be done relatively cheaply, making it one of the most effective methods for generating leads for your towing service. Those coupons or deals are a great way to convert someone who may have only heard of your service but not yet taken the leap into actually using it.

5) Establish a Social Media Presence

There is somewhat of a split in opinion when it comes to social media and its impact on business. The older, more traditional crowd tends to feel that social media is unnecessary. They see it as a platform where people share unwanted opinions and not very good ones at that.

Regardless of those feelings, there is one thing that is hard to argue with and that is the impact that social media has on marketing. The simple fact of the matter is that social media can have a tremendous impact and reach your target audience, creating an effective tool for your business.

Social media allows you to drive unique traffic to your website by offering clickable links with each of your posts. Using the right hashtags on these platforms can drive organic traffic to your website and create more potential leads.

Even better, social media allows instant access to your audience. This means that, should there be any issues or a particularly dissatisfied customer, you can address those concerns in short order. And when you can do this, those leads will see your ability to handle that negativity and turn it into a positive thing.

6) Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

When someone needs immediate roadside assistance they’re going to perform a  search on their mobile device. The results that come up are known as the Local 3 Pack and are based on the proximity of your business to the searcher, along with the relevance and prominence of your listing.

Establishing proximity, relevance, and prominence on your listing is known as GMB optimization and it is something you should spend your time focusing on. With so many clicks going directly to a Map Pack result, it could be one of your most potent ways of generating exclusive towing leads.

The first step is making sure your business listing is claimed on Google My Business so that you can ensure NAP accuracy and link it to your lead generation website. You should also add photos, Google posts, and Q & A’s to engage with your future customers.

You can even create buttons that say “Book Now” and get direct leads through your GMB app. With so much emphasis on local SEO in 2021, it is critical that you take your GMB listing seriously, especially if you want to dominate the lead generation process within your primary service area.

Tow Truck Google Map Pack

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9 Window Treatment SEO (Tips + Tricks) for 2021

Window Treatment SEO Tips Cover

What is SEO for Window Treatment Companies?

SEO for window treatment companies is a process of improving your online presence in order to appear more favorably in search engine results, specifically on Google. SEO can be applied not only to your business website but also to your local listings and other digital assets.

How Competitive is Window Treatment SEO?

Regardless of your industry or location, there is one commonality for all businesses across the globe: competition. The fact of the matter is that business is a very dog-eat-dog world. For local businesses, the margin for error is smaller than ever, meaning you need all the help that you can get.

Going up against companies that are able to have auto-generated local listings can be a tough thing to beat. Not only that, local businesses need to do all they can to be near the top of Google’s ever-evolving list of ranking factors.

That is why having the right window treatment marketing strategy is essential for local businesses like those in the window treatment business. That is why following a few essential tips for SEO marketing can go a long way towards helping local businesses remain relevant and hit the top of those local Google business searches.

Check out these 9 tips for 2021:

1) Claim Your Business Listings

A great thing about the internet is that there are a ton of online listing websites out there. These allow users to perform searches based on specific industries, searching for all the businesses that are in that listing format.

Having listings for your business over the long term means that eventually, duplicate listings will accumulate. It is essential that you claim all the listings that are under your business name and remove any duplicates.

Most of all, ensure that your listings have accurate and up-to-date information. That is one of the biggest issues that plague businesses: inaccurate information.

2) Improve Your NAP Consistency

There’s an acronym out there that maybe you aren’t the most familiar with: NAP. This stands for name, address, and phone number. And the thing about your NAP is that it should be consistent everywhere that you place it.

This information is the most vital when it comes to customers contacting you. If your NAP is wrong or inconsistent, there are repercussions to be had. The first is that customers will not be able to reach you. The second is that you run the risk of frustrating your customers with inaccurate, inconsistent information.

Don’t fall into the trap of inaccurate NAP. It can be some of the most valuable information that you present on your website and social media listings. Don’t let it hurt you when it is meant to help you.

3) Add Location Pages to Your Website

Search engines, like Google, are constantly crawling your website and finding the most comparable matches to provide for the results in each of the search engine results pages. When you have a specific landing page for each of your business locations, this allows search engines to easily locate your listing and then deliver the appropriate location to the person performing the search.

As is the case with NAP consistency, the key here is to provide accurate information. Include any suite numbers for your building and make sure to be consistent when deciding if you want avenue, street, road, etc. written in full or have them abbreviated.

Remember: how you have the information presented on these pages will determine how it is your information will be updated everywhere else. Consistency across the board is essential, and any inconsistencies can hurt the way that your pages rank.

4) Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: reviews are essential. Well, this is because they are absolutely essential to your website and your business as a whole. There are two primary reasons that reviews are so important.

The first is that they dictate your business’s reputation. If you have a ton of positive reviews, you will be able to gain the trust of customers far more easily. Most customers are just looking for a dependable business to fill their needs and positive reviews are the best way to achieve that.

The second is that your reviews actually help your local pack ranking factor. If you have great reviews, you stand a stronger chance of standing out in those local packs, helping you to rank near the top of the rankings for those keywords in those areas.

The former is known as “social proof”. It proves to searchers that your business is highly recommended and that it is trustworthy as well. Those factors are nothing to scoff at, proving to be highly valuable for your business.

5) Optimize Google my Business

One of the most essential tools for any local business is its Google My Business listing. This is essentially Google’s answer to the business listing websites that are out there. Your Google My Business listing will have all the essential information necessary for consumers to find your business.

This includes your name, address, and phone number (NAP) and can include things like pictures, hours of operation, and a link to your website. The key, like your NAP consistency, is to ensure that all of your information is as accurate as possible.

Inaccurate information is one thing that plagues those with GMB listings. If you can ensure that all of your listing information is accurate, that your pictures are clear and high-quality, and that your link is accurate, you stand a cut above the rest.

6) Create Local Content

Content is one of the biggest factors for successful window treatment SEO. This is because Google places heavy emphasis on content, looking to provide the most authoritative and informative websites possible in each of its search results.

Creating content that is localized can be a determining factor for your business in those local search rankings. That local content is niche in nature, meaning you have to create content that appeals to the local audience.

Knowing what to focus on can be essential. Pick topics that appeal to your audience and that will help you to establish your authority within the industry. This is the key to having appealing, niche localized content.

7) Network for Backlinks and Partnerships

One true way to establish authority within your industry is to get backlinks from trustworthy sources. There are no doubt other authorities within your industry. Getting them to link to your website would give you the authority boost necessary to make your website an authority in its own right.

That is why building partnerships with other businesses in the area is so imperative. You can link to one another’s websites, giving each other a sense of authority and trustworthiness. Get enough of those backlinks, and you will see a substantial difference in the authority of your website.

The key here is to take the low-hanging fruit. You can even take part in or create charitable or fundraising events in order to raise the profile of your business. This way, a charity gets additional help and your business gets additional exposure. That’s a win-win if there ever was one.

8) Utilize Free SEO Tools

Anything that you can find to help you optimize your website for local searches is something that you should be taking advantage of. For smaller local businesses especially, every little tool can mean the difference.

Google provides a myriad of free tools including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Mobile Site Speed Tester, and Google Keyword Planner. You can track your progress and also improve your performance using Google’s collection of tools.

Take all the help that you can get; the competition for local search results can come down to the smallest things.

9) Engage in Social Media

There are far too many local businesses that simply ignore social media. This is usually for one of two reasons: they either think social media is too broad to be able to help with their local results or they don’t’ like what the platforms represent.

While the latter is certainly a discussion for another time, there is one thing that needs to be made clear: social media platforms are highly beneficial marketing tools. There are few avenues, in fact, that are as effective as social media.

This is because you can have direct interaction with your audience. On Twitter and Facebook, you can share links to your website or services, hear directly from your audience, and even respond back to negative reviews.

The ability to reach your audience in short order, to address those concerns, and to share content that can lead back to your website is invaluable. Don’t be like those small businesses that refuse to join the times; make certain you have an established voice on social media.

Focus on Optimization in 2021

There are other methods companies can utilize to improve window treatment SEO, but following these tips can do more than enough to get your local business well-established in the local search rankings.

Understand this: being strong in your local search rankings will not guarantee that your business blows up to massive heights. What it will do, however, is ensuring that your local business stays strong in localized searches, allowing your target audience to keep finding you with relative ease.

This is what keeps a local business strong and healthy for longer than others who do not take these factors into consideration.

Get Started With Contractor Marketing Services

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7 Window Treatment Marketing Tips to Generate Leads in 2021

Window Treatment Marketing Tips

What is Window Treatment Marketing?

Window treatment marketing is the process of promoting window treatment services and styles including window blinds and window coverings. Marketing efforts can be exercised through digital outlets using search engine optimization and paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and other popular media channels.

Why Window Companies Need Marketing

When thinking about how to start a window treatment business, it is essential to have a proper marketing campaign. After all, you could offer the greatest service or product in the world, but if people don’t know about it, it won’t sell. This is true whether you want to know how to market soda or how to market window blinds.

For a business like window treatments, the potential target audience may be very limited. This means that competition for that target audience can be fierce, and every battle won can mean a massive difference towards the health of the business.

Marketing your business is more important than ever. While word of mouth is still an important aspect of any business, it is no longer the only method of promoting your business. Having an effective marketing campaign can mean the difference between steady growth and clinging to life as a business.

Here are seven things that your window treatment business should be implementing into its marketing strategy.

1) Publish a Strong Website

A staggering 45% of small businesses still don’t have a website. This is for a few reasons like having a lack of familiarity with current technology, concerns about the cost, and concerns about the amount of time necessary to put one together.

But the fact of the matter is that any effective business these days has to have a website. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. This is because your website is often the very first introduction a customer has to your business. It sets the tone.

Your website doesn’t have to be custom-coded, but it does need to be clean and informative. Customers use your website as a source of information; providing that information easily and conveniently only increases the odds of that user becoming a client.

It’s not impossible to succeed without a website, but it makes the job of window covering marketing substantially more difficult than it has to be.

2) Create Valuable Web Content

Now, more than ever, content is imperative to digital marketing, particularly through SEO. Google puts a heavy emphasis on strong, unique content because they want to provide the most informative and authoritative websites possible in their results.

Creating a blog is a great way to achieve this unique, informative content. Having something like an FAQ or perhaps answering commonly asked questions from your target audience is a great way to draw in those additional views. From there, the odds only increase that you will convert some of those clicks into actual dollars towards your bottom line.

Relevant content can also help to make you an authority within the industry. If you are producing informative posts that other reputable businesses are referencing, it only strengthens your reputation as an authority in the industry and an opinion to trust.

That last factor is an underrated aspect of a business. Creating that authority, that brand recognition is what even the largest of companies strive for but so few achieve. When your audience recognizes your brand as an informative, authoritative brand, that will translate into dollars before you know it.

Optimizing that content with backlinks and selective keywords is a great way to rank highly in SEO, letting the content do the rest of the work.

3) Ask for Reviews and Testimonials

It should go without saying, but the reviews and testimonials about your business can make or break you. This is true not only from a reputation standpoint, where customers trust positive reviews more and more, but from an SEO standpoint as well.

Google especially gives great credence to positive reviews. They want users to get trusted websites when they perform a keyword search. But it can’t be just a handful; you have to have as many reviews as possible.

And that includes some bad ones. It is obviously important to avoid getting a ton of negative reviews but having some can make your company feel more real. Not only that, those negative reviews give you an opportunity to respond to adversity.

When there are negative reviews, respond to them professionally. This will show potential customers that you are willing to go above and beyond to resolve any subpar experiences. That reflects positively in the eyes of potential customers and makes them feel as though you are more trustworthy.

That trustworthiness is one of the most important aspects of any business. When you can achieve that, you have won a major battle in the marketing process and with your target audience.

4) Implement White-Hat SEO

One of the great equalizers for small businesses across the globe is SEO. This stands for search engine optimization and is the process of making your website more easily discoverable to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

This can mean a massive difference for small businesses that don’t have major marketing budgets. Keeping a strong SEO ranking means that you stand a greater chance of showing up on the first page for relevant search results.

That’s a major thing because research has shown that the vast majority of people never leave the first page of search rankings. So, if you aren’t on the first page of rankings for those keywords, you know you have a lot of work to do.

The concept of Contractor SEO is achieved through a number of factors like keyword research, content publication, metadata adjustment, and more. It takes a bit of refinement and works to find the sweet spot, but when you do your business should experience a noticeable impact thanks to improved search rankings.

Thankfully, there are a variety of SEO tools out there to help make certain that your website is optimized and in the best position that it possibly can be. Without it, your business could flounder, and your marketing efforts could all be for naught. You could also talk to professionals about window treatment SEO and other digital marketing services.

5) Invest in Social Media Marketing

Perhaps just as important as SEO marketing is social media marketing. This is because hundreds of millions of users around the globe each day use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This means a massive potential audience for your business to appear in front of.

There is the aspect of direct customer interaction that is appealing. Being able to address the concerns of customers in real-time is an invaluable asset. If you handle those instances successfully, other members of your audience begin to take notice positively.

Social media is also a great play to distribute links. These links lead back to your website directly, creating traffic to your website that could eventually generate actual revenue for your business.

The key is to be creative. Don’t just spam links; no one will pay attention or follow those. You have to be engaging as often as you can in order to get users to click on those links. Facebook is a bit more efficient because you can create a business page to attract customers to relevant services.

Having a social media presence is, these days, as important as having a website.

6) Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

One of the tried and true methods of any digital marketing campaign is email marketing. This is because almost every one of us checks our email on a daily basis. A proper email marketing campaign will put all the necessary information into the hands of the customer and allow them to make a decision.

Best of all, personalized email marketing allows the customer to feel like you are concerned with their needs and their needs only. This is best achieved after the initial e-mail newsletter has been sent out. Checking in a few weeks later lets the users know that you have not forgotten about them and that you are following up to answer any questions.

Keep in mind that even the most successful email marketing campaigns have struggled early when it comes to generating window treatment leads and sales. It is in those follow-up efforts where the biggest successes are to be had. Email marketing is also a great avenue for promoting sales as well as specials.

7) Record & Publish Video Content

Video is one of the fastest-rising forms of marketing available today because of an unprecedented level of ease and convenience in the video creation process. People now have phones and tablets that offer higher quality video than ever before.

With the ability to shoot your own marketing pieces as often as you like, you can try implementing video ads on your window covering business website and on your YouTube channel as well. This only adds to your potential audience and helps your SEO along the way.

Best of all, it is simple and cost-effective to shoot video content with your smartphone than it ever has been before.

Now, more than ever, it is more convenient and easier to understand how to market your business online. It still takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, but your business could be running an effective digital marketing campaign without having to break the bank to do so.

It puts small businesses on an even footing when competing with other businesses in the area and it does so by making the entire thing a far more cost-effective method. No more having to break the bank for expensive marketing campaigns when you can implement these steps now.

Facebook Lead Ads for Contractors: 2021 Guide

Facebook Lead Ads for Contractors

This is a Guide to Facebook Lead Ads for Contractors. It is updated for 2021.

It applies to a variety of industries including:

  • Facebook Ads for Home Builders
  • Facebook Ads for HVAC
  • Facebook Ads for Painters
  • Facebook Ads for Roofers

Introduction to Lead Ads Guide

As a contractor, quality leads are the lifeblood of your business. Those leads eventually get converted into actual, paying customers that keep the doors open. So, how do you most effectively generate those all-important leads?

Facebook is one of the keys to successfully doing this. Facebook advertising, especially for businesses like contractors, makes sense. After all, you are looking for a stream of steady leads that are both highly targeted and looking for a service just like yours.

There are a few issues that generally keep contractors from investing in Facebook lead ads as a means of marketing. Maybe you have run ads in the past before to no great success. Maybe you have even talked about doing it before, but you don’t have the time to manage everything, create ad copy, and track those results.

Step 1: Create an Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

Having informative Facebook content for contractors is fine and well (and a huge aspect of a Contractor SEO strategy), but without a good call to action, you can’t tell your customers where to go to complete the action. That is why those call-to-action buttons are so imperative.

CTAs for Facebook lead ads appear on the bottom right with phrases like Sign Up or Learn More. Or you can have a CTA like Download or Get Offer if you are offering a PDF or discount in exchange for their lead form submission.

Having an effective call to action not only draws customers in to make the leap towards hiring you but makes it as easy as possible to do so. And, perhaps above all else, customers value convenience. Having an effective call-to-action button means a level of convenience for the customer.

Facebook CTA Drop Down

Step 2: Create a Value Proposition

It goes without saying that people love free stuff. A free quote is fine and well, but it is unlikely to generate a ton of leads or be very compelling. People are far more likely not only to respond but engage with ads that offer a specific discount or service.

You don’t have to go crazy here; maybe $10 for every $100 a customer spends. Or perhaps 10% off for first-time customers. Things like that can go a long way towards getting someone who is on the fence to take the plunge and use your business.

Having Facebook lead ads that promote your business and give the customer an incentive to click over to your website is exactly the point of Facebook ads. Too many businesses don’t make effective use of these practices and are essentially throwing money away.

Using the right offers can make your Facebook ads one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal.

Facebook Ad for HVAC Value Proposition

Step 3: Create Your Custom Form

Most businesses that depend on leads will have forms front and center on their website. This makes it easy for potential customers to fill in their information. Then, in the follow-up process, you can turn those leads into actual paying customers.

With lead ads for contractors, Facebook has its own customizable lead forms. You should generally ask your audience for three pieces of information: name, email, and phone number. Those are the three most important pieces of information that you can get from a lead. Learn more about Facebook Lead Ads, straight from the source themselves.

Try to avoid any open-ended fields, things like “interested in” sections that require the user to type out what it is they want. This is an extra effort and many customers will just avoid it because there are other, more convenient options to be had.

Contractor Facebook Lead Ad Form

Step 4: Target Custom Demographics

Ads are great, aren’t they? They deliver the message of what your company offers and puts your message right in front of your audience. But the problem is that, if ads are unfocused, they could be going out to an audience that has absolutely no interest in using that service.

This strategy ensures that your ads are reaching the proper audience. An ad that is properly targeted would have targeting options that include things like homeownership status, location, length of time in the home, and income.

This helps to make certain that your ads are seen by an audience that has a need for those services. This gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising dollars and helps to generate those essential leads.

Lead Ads Demographic Targeting

Step 5: Follow Up on Leads

The thing about leads is they are just that: they lead to business. For customers who fill out those Facebook forms, the key is to follow up with them, typically during normal business hours on the same day.

This way, their inquiry is fresh on their mind, and they won’t forget why they filled out their info and what they were inquiring about. Besides, you have to follow up on that lead eventually. Why let it wait when you can jump on the fresh opportunity?

Even if the customer does not take immediate action, don’t feel discouraged. Leads can take several inquiries before they make a final decision. If they are indecisive after that initial follow-up, give it some time and then follow up again.

Perhaps the customer will have different needs or circumstances will have changed, and they will be more receptive to using your business. Persistence and consistency are the keys to following up on leads and eventually turning those leads into the dollars that your company needs to survive and continue operation.

Download Facebook Leads for Follow Up

Guide Conclusion

These are just a few ways that Facebook ads can help take your business to the next level. Best of all, Facebook lead ads are a fairly inexpensive way of marketing that allows you to reach your target audience without having to break the bank to do so.

Make certain that you follow proper procedures, and you should begin to see a stream of leads inquiring in your business. From there, it’s up to you to convert those into paying customers who will help grow your company.

8 Ways Patio Contractors Can Benefit From SEO

Patio Contractor SEO Blog Banner

What is Patio Contractor SEO?

Patio contractor SEO is the process of optimizing a patio contractor business for online search engines. It involves on-page SEO changes to the business website, like title tag and meta description optimization, as well as changes to the company’s local business listings, especially Google My Business.

8 Ways SEO Can Help Patio Contractors

For businesses like patio contractors, there can be such a fine line between success and failure. This is due to the niche of the market itself but also the number of competitors that exist in a given area. Being able to stand out among the litany of competitors is the key to becoming viable and successful in that industry in a given area.

But marketing has changed substantially even over the last decade. It used to be a universal truth that marketing materials – ads in newspapers and magazines, radio spots, commercials – were the only way of advertising to your audience.

Now, digital marketing has changed the way that marketing is done. Marketing is now almost primarily done in a digital format for a few reasons. It is quicker and easier than ever to generate digital marketing materials. It is also far easier to make customizations and changes to those marketing materials than if you make physical marketing materials.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing has to do with SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. When you optimize your website, your contractor business will see a litany of benefits that will turn your business into a success.

1) Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most important aspects of any form of marketing is ensuring that there is brand awareness generated with your target audience. To put it simply you want your audience to associate that service or product with your business.

When your company’s name keeps on appearing in search results for contractors, you build brand awareness with those searching for that industry in a given area. When potential customers automatically think of your business in that industry, you are already a step ahead of the game thanks to superior brand recognition and awareness of your business.

2) Lower Marketing Costs

Though SEO is not free – at least not good, consistent SEO, anyway – the aforementioned physical marketing and commercial/radio ad costs were far higher. This was especially true considering you had to consistently pay for new spots in newspapers, on the radio, or on television.

With SEO, you can spend far less overall because your efforts build up over time. When you properly optimize your website and build authority, you increase the overall visibility of your website and also build that aforementioned brand awareness. This can lead to greater results without additional costs over a long period of time.

3) Gain a Competitive Advantage

When it comes to traditional marketing tactics, a large firm will always outperform smaller businesses because they have larger budgets and can implement those expensive changes or shifts in direction whenever they want.

But with a proper SEO strategy, your site can actually outrank those big companies if you are doing it properly. The higher you are in the rankings, the more clicks that you get. This allows you to not only compete with the big boys in the industry, but you can actually outrank these major players on a regular basis and stay competitive.

4) Earn More Revenue

Regardless of the investment, every business wants to see a return on investment. SEO won’t deliver the immediate returns that we all want as it is a long-term strategy, but it does deliver. There have been studies that have shown several hundred percent increases in SEO campaign goals when done optimally.

This is because SEO strategies are about driving clicks to your website. Not all of those clicks will result in sales, but there is a greater chance of gathering sales when those extra eyeballs are on your business or website. That’s a big win for SEO.

SEO 101

5) Attract Quality Traffic

Perhaps the biggest advantage of SEO is that is an inbound marketing strategy. This means that, instead of traditional outbound marketing channels where you have to reach out to the customer whether they want to hear from you or not, inbound means that your audience can find you.

Inbound marketing is far less intrusive to the audience. Not only that, since they are seeking you out, there is a far greater chance that they are looking to spend money with your business. This is an advantage in and of itself and an avenue that can’t be overrated.

6) Eliminate Ad Spend

While pay-per-click ad campaigns have definitely shown their value to businesses across the web, the thing about a quality SEO campaign is that you don’t have to have an ad campaign. Those campaigns can be costly to run, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

With SEO, you are generating relevant content that establishes your business and website as an authority. This means that your audience is more likely to keep coming to your website to at the very least see that relevant content. SEO can pay off without the cost of PPC ads.

7) Improve Public Relations (PR)

While it might not initially seem like it, SEO shares a similar strategy to that of a good PR campaign: finding a way to get influencers and prominent industry publications to talk about your company.

With the right SEO campaign, you can achieve just these things. Producing consistent, quality content that is both relevant and informative can go a long way towards establishing your business as an authority. This drives your audience to your website; the more clicks you get, the more likely you are to convert those into sales.

8) Get More Clicks For Less Money

Again, PPC ads are a valuable form of digital marketing, it is just that they can be costly if you are not using them properly. But with SEO for patio contractors, you can actually get more clicks than a traditional PPC campaign if done properly.

This again boils down to optimizing your website to be an authority in the industry. Some users tend to be automatically turned off by ads and will ignore them even if they are relevant to their needs. SEO pushes relevant and informative material that your audience values.

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5 Ways a House Painting Company Can Generate Leads Online

House Painting Company Leads Blog Banner

For painting companies, it is all about generating painting leads so that you can find the next set of customers for your business. It is finding those leads that can be part of the trouble, however, as it is a very niche industry and you have to know the best ways to reach your target audience.

Thankfully, there are a number of different ways that house painting companies can reach their target audience and develop the leads that are the lifeblood of their business.

1) Develop a Business Website

There are some out there that feel as though you do not need a website to have a successful business. And while that certainly can be true, it is more likely that you will find success if you have your own painting website than if you do not.

This is because, now more than ever, customers look into a business before they actually use their service. And more often than not, the first exposure that they have to a particular business is that company’s website. If you don’t have one, there is difficulty in developing trust with your audience.

Not only that, but your website can also achieve so many things for you, including both b2c and b2b lead generation options. In addition, it can act as a means to present valuable information to your target audience. When your audience believes that they have a reason to visit your website, they will make an appointment. That is huge for any business online that is looking to generate leads and turn those leads into actual sales.


2) Include an Urgent Call to Action

A call to action is essentially telling the user to use your business’s services. These calls to action are generally things like buttons on the page that say “get a free quote” or telling them to call the phone number that you have listed on either the header or the footer of the page.

Having strong calls to action not only means telling your customers that they need to use your service, but giving them a ton of ways to do so. When you make the process as easy as possible for the customer, you make it more likely that they will click where you want them to click.

If you only have calls to action on every other page or scattered sporadically throughout your website, you make it more difficult for the user to find that call to action, and then they are less likely to click on those calls to action. Make it easy for your customers; they will appreciate it and be more likely to click where you would like them to.

3) Sign up for Google’s Local Service Ads

Back in 2017, Google began running a paid advertising platform. This platform gave home service professionals a way to advertise their business to their geographic locations specifically, allowing them to appear at the top of searches for those specific keywords as well as locations.

These ads have rankings that are determined by things like the business’ reputation and ratings. This means signing up for a Google My Business account and ensuring that all the proper information has been entered to make your business all the more searchable.

This helps to narrow down the competition a bit more and to get in front of the customers that really have an impact on your bottom line. It is one of the most effective ways of online marketing that there is for small businesses today.

4) Add Videos to Your Website

One of the most popular methods of online marketing is to create videos that you feature on your website. This accomplishes a few different things. The first is creating informative, interesting content that grabs the attention of your audience and gives them a reason to click on your website. This is the best way to create leads that will eventually turn into conversions.

The second is because you can optimize your video so that it becomes searchable on YouTube. YouTube’s videos are a great way to garner additional traffic to your website and ensure that you continue to get the traffic that you need to keep your business moving forward efficiently.

Best of all, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to create unique video content. Before, you would have to hire a professional video service to shoot a commercial for your business; now, you can shoot high-quality videos with your smartphone or tablet. That level of ease and convenience is hard to top, and it’s a great way to save your business money while helping to generate the leads that you need to keep your business surviving and thriving.

5) Manage Your Online Reputation

One of the most important aspects of any business is to manage your reputation online and ensure that it is as strong as it possibly can be. Generally speaking, this is in the form of reviews that your business receives online.

Positive reviews are great for your business for a few reasons. The first is that it helps develop a positive reputation for your business in the eyes of your audience. This is imperative for the health of your business and for encouraging customers to continue using your service.

The second is that Google heavily values those ratings. If your business has a lot of ratings, most of them positive, it will positively impact how your business appears in Google searches. Those positive reviews can not only make you more trustworthy in the eyes of your audience, but it can also make you more searchable to those search engines that can drive additional business to you.

Negative reviews aren’t bad, either. They give a more realistic perspective to those who are looking into your business. Not only that, they give you the opportunity to respond positively, showing potential customers that you are willing to work with them in order to achieve satisfaction when they are disappointed in a particular service. This can reflect positively and have a greater impact than the negative review would.

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9 Outstanding Marketing Tools for Contractors

Contractor Marketing Tools Blog Banner

Regardless of how successful your contractor business is, having the right marketing tools available to you can mean the difference between continued success and a struggle to maintain. Relying on referrals from prior customers is fine and well, but you need to build your brand and reputation constantly.

Not only that, the contractor business is one of the most crowded industries that there is. To stand out from the competition, your business needs to be able to differentiate itself with brand recognition through those aforementioned reviews but strong marketing as well.

Before you do anything, it is imperative that you organize your marketing plan. Your business needs to have a plan of action for how your marketing dollars are spent so that the money allotted for that marketing budget does not go to waste and is used as effectively as possible.

Here are just a few of the many marketing tools that your contractor company needs to be utilizing to ensure that your business not only continues to survive but to thrive as well.

Create branding for your business

One of the most essential aspects of not only bringing back return customers but developing new leads is to ensure that your business has brand recognition. This means getting your audience to recognize your business as an authority in the industry and the direction they should look to when it comes to their contractor needs.

When you advertise your brand, there are a number of different things that you should be implementing. Things like business cards or paper products might seem outdated, but getting your logo into the hands of your audience can still have a high impact when it comes to lead development.

For your brand to take effect, it has to be plastered all over everything. Your logo and company name need to be visible in any piece of marketing that you implement so that your audience develops that all-important brand recognition that so many companies crave.

Your company website

It cannot be understated just how important your website is to growing and developing your business. Your company website is likely to be the first impression that a customer gets from your business; this is why it is so important to have an informative and easy-to-navigate website.

Customers have far less patience when it comes to slow load times on websites and if you can’t provide them with informative content, they will simply go somewhere else for it. Make your website destination viewing for your target audience.

Driving traffic to your website is not only a great way to increase the number of eyeballs that see your company, but it is a great way to build those leads and convert them into sales that have a real impact on your bottom line. With your website optimized, you have a major marketing asset in your company’s corner.

Company listings

One of the most important aspects of a company and its reputation is the feedback that comes from prior customers. More than ever, potential customers are looking to online reviews to find out about a company before using its products or services.

That is where these listings become so important. When you register for industry review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp, you not only get your content in front of a sizeable audience, you get vetted by those who have used your services and products.

The more reviews on the most possible websites that you have only strengthened your reputation in the eyes of prior customers and make you appear more trustworthy in the eyes of potential new customers. As you will notice, building trust is one of the most important aspects of marketing and these listings will help to build that trust in your business.


This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the previous tip, but it cannot be emphasized enough just how important reviews are to the life of your business. They help to establish credibility and trustworthiness in your brand, making you appear to be one of the preferred options for the services and products that you provide.

But what you may not have realized is that reviews impact how easily you are noticed by Google. Optimizing your website is one thing, but ensuring that you have a ton of positive reviews makes your website stand out among specific keywords for your location. The better the reviews, the better your ranking score is for search engines like Google and Bing.

When you are more easily recognizable to search engines, you stand a much better chance of being seen by customers who are performing internet searches that are relevant to your business and your location.

Social Media

The impact that social media has on digital marketing cannot be overstated. Simply put they reach massive audiences on a daily basis (in the instance of Facebook, they literally reach billions of users each day). Being able to market to that large of an audience can have drastic results.

When used correctly, social media can help drive traffic to your website. This is a great way to collect data that can be used for developing leads, and it can also be an effective tool for converting some of those leads into sales that have a real effect on your bottom line.

The key to social media is to create informative content and to interact with your target audience. Twitter especially can be used to drive traffic to your website through shared links and customer interaction. Don’t ignore this method; it could have a substantial impact on your business.

Trade Shows

This is a bit more of a niche way of marketing, but the fact of the matter is that you are marketing to a niche audience. You can’t possibly hope to appeal to everyone; with trade shows, you can appeal to your specific audience in your specific industry.

Think about hosting a booth at one of these events. This is an opportunity to create effective and quality leads that are precisely in your target demographic. When you have a great trade show presence, you can also aid your brand visibility. This is a win-win situation for your business.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing but it is also one of the most effective as well. This is because you are essentially putting your business right in front of your audience each time they open their email.

A tried and true method of email marketing is to send out coupons or deals to potential customers. The idea here is to entice them into using your business above other competitors. Email marketing is also a great way to follow up with leads that may not have made a decision yet.

Think about it: you can gather information for leads and then follow up with that lead after a few weeks. Those follow-ups are often the most successful methods of turning leads into sales. Email marketing is also relatively affordable and easy to manage, making it a must-have for your contractor business.

Direct mail

This is basically the same thing as an email marketing campaign except that this is the method of physically putting the paper into the hands of your audience. There have actually been studies that have shown that direct mail has a higher conversion rate than email marketing.

This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that emails can go ignored. Thanks to spam folders, your marketing emails could go completely unnoticed by your target audience. With direct mail, even if the customer wants to throw away the offer, they have to physically handle it. This increases the odds that they actually look at your piece of marketing mail.

Being able to get your brand, specials, coupons, and any other message directly into the hands of the customer is an invaluable form of marketing. You will see over time that direct mail campaigns can have a hugely positive effect on the way that your business not only attracts contractor leads but continues to convert those leads into sales down the line.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Contractor SEO might be a term that you have heard before but don’t know much about. When you optimize your website in a variety of different ways, you make it easier for search engines to find your website for specific keywords and location-based searches.

You can achieve optimization in a number of different ways. Providing quality content is the easiest way to get Google to recognize your website as an authority within the industry. You can also make your website more easily searchable by applying the right tags and categories, image descriptions, and meta descriptions. All of these factors make it easier for those search engines like Google to find your website and present them for relevant searches.

These are just a few of the marketing methods that your contractor company should be implementing to help grow the number of leads that you develop and, eventually, convert those leads into the sales that you need.

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Do Contractors Need a Website? (Updated for 2021)

Do Contractors Need a Website (Blog Banner)

As a contractor, it goes without saying that all of your business is done by using your hands. Any kind of business that requires construction of any kind shares this commonality. So, you might be asking yourself: why do I need a website anyway?

There are many businesses out there that still operate without a website because they feel as though they do not need one despite the continuing trend of businesses moving towards more of a digital footprint.

So, why exactly does your contractor business need to have a website? There are more than a few reasons, but here are some of the most prominent.

Your website is your first impression

What you may not have realized is that now more than ever, potential clients and customers use your company’s website as their first impression of your business. Because of the ease of finding out about a business online, this is how customers are vetting businesses.

And even more often, customers are going straight to the website of a prospective company. They want to see what that business has to offer and why that company should be the one that they choose. For this reason, it is imperative that your company has a website regardless of the industry.

If a customer goes to look for your business online and can’t find a website, guess what? They will move on to the next one. A website is one of the quickest ways to vet a business and not even having one is the quickest way to turn off a potential customer.

Website CTA

Word of mouth is fine…for a while

Perhaps the top reason that contractors do not have a website is that they are relying on word of mouth only to get their business out there to prospective customers. They will “knock on doors” to get their company name out there and tell you how you should be using their service, but sustainability is a huge problem with this method.

Even for companies who experience success with word of mouth – and this comes in other forms like advertising in phone books, local free papers, Craigslist (basically anything that doesn’t cost that much money – it can only last so long, and then you’re back to fishing for those word of mouth referrals.

This is why contractors need a website. Ultimately, your business should be constantly marketing itself because no matter how busy you are, there can come a dip and that dip can last far longer than you are comfortable with. As a matter of fact, most contractors are already operating on a roller coaster of a workflow.

When you have a website that is properly optimized for today’s search engine, that turns into a steady drip of contractor leads. And that’s the goal of any contractor business: a consistent, steady business that can be turned into consistent, steady growth.

Desktop View of HVAC Website

Interacting with customers

This is not only about your website, it is about other aspects of your online footprint, but we will get into that later. Your website is arguably the best way that you have to interact with customers, both current and potential.

This is great for a few reasons. The first is that you can have them leave testimonials or reviews. These are the lifeblood of SEO rankings these days and the better (and more) rankings that you have, the higher in the search rankings you will be. And the higher in the search rankings, the more eyeballs that will see your website. This is the best way to generate those leads that are essential for any business.

Not only that, those reviews help you identify any concerns or issues that customers are having and how you can potentially correct those actions. This allows you to eliminate issues that your business might be having and shows your customers that you are dedicated to their satisfaction as well as improving your business. This is huge in the eyes of customers.

It is in this aspect that you should really be working to grow your social media presence. To some, social media seems like a stupid and useless platform for people to share opinions. But it is those opinions that businesses value.

If utilized properly, social media can be a fantastic avenue to get feedback from customers as well as drive traffic to your website. That instant interaction with current and potential clients allows you to show that you are active and listening to your customers.

Not only that, you can use things like coupons or deals advertised through your social media accounts to drive additional traffic to your website. When you do this, that means there are more eyeballs directly on your website and those views are the leads that you need to possibly convert to sales.

Website Design for Roofing Company

Hire a professional

Let’s say that you have finally realized just how important a website is to any business out there and decide to take the plunge into the digital world. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should absolutely not do your own website.

I know what you are thinking: it’s far cheaper to do your own website. And that isn’t wrong, but spending money on your website now will not only save you a ton of headaches in the long run, but you will probably make that money back if your website is maintained properly.

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is doing their own web work. You can’t afford to not have a website, and you definitely can’t afford to incorrectly do it yourself. There are far too many business owners that hastily slap together a website and think that’s all they need. But if it looks unprofessional, customers will ignore it and think your business lacks credibility.

Hire a professional web design team to do your website for you. They will not only make your website look as professional as it can and should look, but they will make sure that its functionality is where it needs to be so that any potential customers can find what they need with little issue.

Not only that, one of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is that the owner refuses to delegate and takes on everything themselves. Wanting to do everything is understandable – it’s cheaper and, for some, it is a point of pride – but it is also the quickest way to fail.

If you spend time designing and maintaining your own website, that just means that other areas of your business are not getting the attention that they need. And when your business is not getting optimal attention in each area, there will be dips and lags that can lead to a downturn in business.

Don’t be cheap for the sake of being cheap; it can really hurt your website and your business, in the long run, to do your website yourself.

What your company website should have

There are more than a few things that a good business website needs to have but the first and most important is your contact information. Even if you have the most beautiful and informative website online, if customers can’t find your contact info within a click or two, they are gone.

It is helpful to have your contact information at the footer of every single page or in the banner of every single page. Ultimately, you want your customers to be able to find it on each page that they visit, so they never have to wonder how to contact you.

You also need informative content. This can come in a few different forms, whether it be through a description of your services and products or in the form of a blog where you walk readers through how-to guides. Your website needs to be informative as well because this is how search engines properly select relevant websites. It is essential for a variety of reasons.

Almost as important as having easy-to-find contact information is that your website has to be easy to read. This is both in a visual sense and in terms of content. More than ever, online users have a short attention span. If you give them content that is visually difficult to read or that is lumped into long-form, they will skip right by it.

Making certain that you have selected easy-to-read fonts and colors is the first step. The next is to make sure that your content is broken up effectively. Avoid huge blocks of text. Implement headings wherever they make sense to help break up the text. Add pictures to do the same as well as help optimize your site through alternate image descriptions.

Having a website for your contractor business does not necessarily mean that the business will start flooding in. If it is done right, though, your business should see a steady stream of customers that not only visit your website but make the jump into using your services or products altogether.

If you thought that your contractor business didn’t need a website, you need to think again.