The 4 Best Apps for Electricians in 2022 (with Helpful Tips)

Apps for Electricians (Blog Cover)

Electricians can benefit from modern apps that have emerged to help streamline your business and standard operating procedures. Using an app can improve your efficiency and accuracy and ultimately help you run a better business. Take a look at the four best apps for electricians in 2022.

1) Connecteam

Connecteam, as the name implies, is all about keeping you and your team connected. A big problem that arises with electricians in the field is confusion as to what site they need to go to once one job is done. With Connecteam, your crew will know exactly where to be at all times – saving man-hours and money. 

Standout Features:

  • A private group chat that allows you to communicate with every team member.
  • A digital time clock that GPS powers let your employees check in wherever they are. You will also be able to see where your service trucks are at all times with the GPS feature. 
  • Dispatch tools that make it much easier to assign jobs to your team and create a tight schedule on the go. 

The great thing about Connecteam is that you can make revisions to your schedules or dispatches on the fly while you are out in the field. A free version is available, but more features are unlocked with a monthly subscription. 

2) Electrical Calc Elite

As an electrician, you have to take a lot of electrical measurements and calculate currents to carry out your work safely. Electrical Calc Elite places all your calculator tools in your phone on one app. 

ECE is a great app to have because it will help keep your team safe and help you avoid OSHA violations. Plus, it makes it quicker and faster to do specific calculations without extra equipment. 

Standout Features:

  • Contains current NEC standards and guides
  • It can help estimate parallel resistance
  • It can help determine full motor load currents
  • Helps generate BOMs for electrical jobs

We like this app because it is practical for every team member out in the field. All they have to do is pull out their phone or mobile device, and they will be able to handle otherwise complicated calculations in seconds. The only downside is that there is no free version.

3) Electrodroid

One of the biggest headaches for electricians is running back to the service truck to retrieve reference information for things like wire sizing and capacitor codes. First, it wastes time; it can be a safety hazard when you have to shimmy back down a ladder. 

With Electrodroid, you will probably never have to do that again. Instead, it is the ultimate reference guide for electricians in the field. 

Standout Features:

  • A complete ampacity table for quick reference
  • A guide on wire sizes (both AWG and SWG)
  • Complete table for standard resistors and capacitors
  • List of capacitor marking codes

This app is an excellent asset for contractors because it will help your teams get jobs done quicker. Do you know how long it takes to climb down a 50-foot ladder safely to confirm a wire size before you make a huge mistake? 

Some electricians won’t bother with the trip and risk the mistake. With Electroid, you won’t have to worry about losing time over things like that. 

4) EveryCircuit

Last on our list is an educational tool that can also be used on the job. With EveryCircuit, you can test out your circuits and see how they react to your simulated interactions – all on your phone. So EveryCircut not only teaches you how to design electrical currents, but it can also help you test and predict how real ones will flow and react. 

We had to include this one because, quite honestly, it’s a lot of fun. The circuit renderings are accurate and look fantastic. You and your crew will have a blast testing challenging circuits and will undoubtedly learn a thing or two in the process.

Standout Features:

  • Watch accurate charge animations in real-time
  • Watch replays of your current
  • Teaches you Ohm’s law 
  • Teaches you equations for nonlinear semiconductor devices
  • Gorgeous and easy to understand rendering of electrical currents and circuits

At the end of the day, this app may also help your team test out circuits in the app before making a real-life mistake – saving you time and money. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices. In addition, you can upgrade the app for about $15 to get access to more features and functions. 

Helping your Electrical Business

The best apps for electricians will help you meet your customers’ needs and turn them into repeat customers. 

No matter what era you were born into, running an electrical business has always been challenging. However, in 2022, electricians will have a distinct advantage over their predecessors. 

For electricians specifically, there are a lot of helpful apps that can be used on mobile devices to help run your business more efficiently, render your services more effectively, and save you a ton of time. 

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