5 Twitter Tips for Contractors in 2022 (with/List of Hashtags)

5 Twitter Tips for Contractors Blog Cover

Twitter for contractors can be demoralizing. Most of the conjecture is spewed by young people and celebrities. Yet, having a Twitter account as a contractor helps build brand awareness and can even influence overall trust and authority for search rankings. So while you might not see yourself as the Twitter-type, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a college student to benefit from its presence.

View Twitter as something you can leverage to suit your goals as a contractor and business owner. Getting caught up in the back and forth is unnecessary. As a brand profile, your only objectives are

  1. A) Send signals to Google that you’re active on social media
  2. B) Provide accessibility to consumers who prefer to reach you via Twitter

Contractors often become overwhelmed at the thought of social media, when in reality, social media can be an asset. The error in thinking stems from the misnomer that contractors must behave as the typical Twitter user would. This is false. But remember something else, to stand out from competitors, having a profile in of itself isn’t enough. You should actively be posting on Twitter.

Here are 5 tips for contractors to get started on the popular social media platform:

1) Optimize Your Profile

Twitter is actually one of the easiest social platforms to optimize. Some brands can eventually be verified which gives them an official blue checkmark next to their name, but for local contractors, you are unlikely to be eligible for this feature. To optimize on Twitter, you need only your company name, logo, phone number, and contact information (including your website). You can also add a header image using the proper dimensions (1500 x 1500 px). In summary:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Contact Information (NAP + Website)
  • Header Image

2) Syndicate Blog Posts

Contractors wonder all the time, what should I post on Twitter? The easiest thing to do is to syndicate blog posts. As part of your online marketing strategy, you should have monthly posts written on your website. You can then link to these blogs via Twitter. Not only can they generate views from your Twitter followers, but they send those invaluable social signals to Google and keep your profile active. In summary, syndicating website blog posts can help with the following:

  • Clicks
  • Distributions
  • Follower Engagement
  • Social Signals

3) Avoid Automation

Don’t invest in social media automation, instead, hire a digital marketing company to post blogs on Twitter on your behalf. Automation makes your brand seem impersonal, and replies to the tweet are often left unattended to and unnoticed. This reflects poorly on your business as a whole and makes the entire process of posting Tweets counterproductive. It still will count as a social signal to Google, but the lack of engagement makes it a signal that is inconsequential. In summary, automated posts are:

  • Counterproductive
  • Impersonal
  • Less Valuable
  • Negative Branding

4) Utilize Hashtags

Through hashtags, Tweets can reach large groups of people even when they don’t follow you. To create a hashtag, simply place the # character before the word you wish to publicize. For example, if you are an HVAC contractor, using the hashtag #HVAC might reveal your post to a larger group of people besides your followers. You can even use hashtags that are targeted at users interested in contractor services. Here’s an example of a contractor hashtag list:


























5) Engage With Followers

When someone follows you on Twitter, they have demonstrated a clear interest in your company. They might be current, former, or prospective clients, or in some cases contemporaries from the same or other industries. Don’t be afraid to follow users who follow you. But you also don’t want to follow too many people. Always make sure your following number is higher than your followers’ number. This keeps your profile reputable. Here’s how to engage with followers:

  • Follow Back: Follower users who follow you
  • Reply to Tweets: Respond to any tweets directed at your profile
  • Run Promotions: Contests & giveaways exclusively on Twitter
  • Tweet Polls: Create polls to engage followers

Help with Twitter Marketing for Contractors

Contractor Webmasters provides social media marketing services to contractors across the nation. Not only will we help with your Twitter endeavors but we will also help with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & YouTube. Furthermore, we’ll create blog posts that will be syndicated via these social channels. We can even help with multimedia creation and distribution which includes videos and podcasts, which are shown to create more engagement on social media.

We are eager to assist you with all of your digital marketing needs. Aside from social media marketing, we also provide SEO, PPC, Website Design, Google Maps Optimization, NAP Citations, and much more. As a full-service marketing firm, contractors can expect to have every aspect of their campaign attended to with detail and precision. We specialize in marketing for contractors, which gives us an advantage over marketers who have a wider range of clients.