5 Blog Post Ideas for Contractors

Writers Crafting Blog Posts for ContractorsStart a blog. It’s what everyone recommends, but they often fail to elaborate on the type of content a company or individual should be posting. Much of that elaboration actually depends on additional factors, that every blogger must account for. They are:

  • Agenda: What purpose does your blog serve? Is it to generate traffic, inform users, or both?
  • Industry: To which industry does your company belong? Plumbing, heating & cooling, roofing?
  • Location: Where is your business located, or is it more than one place?
  • Resources: How much time and resources have you devoted to web content?

There are all things to consider when deciding what to post, when to post it, and who to target. Still, there are several blog ideas that are universally applicable within the service industry. Regardless of whether you are a plumber, roofer, locksmith, general contractor, or something else, you can benefit from the following 5 blog post ideas:

  1. 1. Contest or Giveaway

You can always go the easy route and run a contest or giveaway on your blog. There is no quicker way to engage an audience than to offer them the possibility of discounts. Consider drawing a raffle for a free service, or perhaps running a contest among regular customers. This will help customer retention, and perhaps formulate interest from new leads.

  1. 2. DIY Tutorials

This one can be tricky, because you don’t want to discourage potential customers from pursuing your services. If they fix it themselves, they no longer require your assistance. With that said, posts like this can grow reputation and trust. Furthermore, certain tutorials can be about diagnosing a problem, rather than fixing it. If you allow people to identify the problem, they can then count on you to actually repair it.

  1. 3. Frequently Asked Questions

That’s right. Good old FAQ. There are so many common questions that contractors get about their services, industry, etc. Why not answer them all at once, and to a large audience? A blog like this also gives you a chance to reconfirm certain company policies, like cancellations, payment types, etc. Additionally, this is the type of post you can pin on your social media profiles, as it is worth referencing for future customers.

  1. 4. Market Statistics

Numbers can enhance your company’s image, if they are presented correctly. Use industry statistics to explain to followers why your services are needed. Offering a practical and quantifiable argument can appeal to a consumer’s most logical sensibilities. Do not deceive people however, as this will only hurt your reputation in the long run. This is another example of a post that would be good to share via Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

  1. 5. Performance Showcase

Regardless of your specific market, showing the results of your good performance translates to digital engagement. One way to do this, is via before and after pictures. Perhaps you remodeled a bathroom. Show the before picture, write some content about what you did to enhance it, and then show the after picture. Now users are getting both a visual and written account of your services. If you are thinking about starting a contractor blog, and need content ideas, give us a call at 800-775-1250.