5 Blog Content Ideas for (Contractors + Home Services) in 2022

Brainstorming blog content for contractors can be a frustrating experience. You already run a full-time business and are responsible for employees, clients, and finances. How are you going to find the time to generate new content ideas for your contractor website? In the following post, Contractor Webmasters helps you spark new content ideas by presenting five concepts you can use as the framework of your blog topic.

Blog topics should depend on keyword research. One of the biggest mistakes contractors make is blogging about random subjects. The goal of your website is to rank on Google search results, so publishing aimless blog posts only hinders your SEO strategy. Instead, invest in creating high-quality blog posts that target specific industry keywords. Below, you can consider five blog content ideas for contractors:

1) DIY Tutorials

DIY blog posts are somewhat controversial because you don’t want to discourage potential customers from pursuing your services. If they fix it themselves, they no longer require your assistance. With that said, posts like this can grow reputation and trust. Furthermore, certain tutorials can be about diagnosing a problem, rather than fixing it.

If you allow people to identify the problem, they can then count on you to actually repair it. The biggest factor in publishing DIY-driven posts is the associated keyword volume. Hundreds of thousands of users are searching DIY terms each month, which are known as informational keywords. To capture this traffic, you must meet their intent.

2) Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many common questions that contractors get about their services, industry, etc. You can find questions through keyword research on SEMRush or Moz. You can also monitor your Google Search Console queries to see if there are questions that you’re content hasn’t yet answered.

A blog post like this also gives you a chance to reconfirm certain company policies, like cancellations, payment types, etc. Additionally, this is the type of post you can pin on your social media profiles, as it is worth referencing for future customers.

3) Market Statistics

Numbers can enhance your company’s image if they are presented correctly. Use industry statistics to explain to followers why your services are needed. Offering a practical and quantifiable argument can appeal to a consumer’s most logical sensibilities. Data-driven posts are also the most likely to generate natural backlinks from other websites.

Do not deceive people, however, as this will only hurt your reputation in the long run. This is another example of a post that would be good to share via Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. If your statistical post gets backlinks to your website, be sure to link internally from the post to your homepage, so you can distribute the link equity for SEO.

4) Podcast Simulcast

Try recording a podcast about your industry and writing a supporting blog post for your website. Using a podcasting tool like Blubrry, you can publish your audio podcast on your WordPress website as it gets fed to major directories like Spotify, Apple, and more.

Be sure to discuss a keyword-driven topic so that your multimedia campaign attracts as many organic clicks as possible. To further expand your brand, you can post a video recording of the podcast on YouTube and embed that within your blog post as well. The result will be three content mediums wrapped into one for potent marketing.

5) Performance Showcase

Regardless of your specific market, showing the results of your good performance translates to digital engagement. One way to do this is via before and after pictures. Perhaps you remodeled a bathroom. Show the before picture, write some content about what you did to enhance it, and then show the after picture.

Now users are getting both a visual and written account of your services. If you are thinking about starting a contractor blog, and need content ideas, you should consider DataPins software. This tool allows contractors to publish pins each time they complete a job. All you have to do is snap a photo of your work and write a caption, and the app will auto-publish the pin (and a corresponding geomap) to your website.

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